Minecraft: Bedrock Edition announces PSVR support for Playstation 4, coming soon

Minecraft PSVR Image
Minecraft PSVR Image (Image credit: Sony)

What you need to know

  • As part of Sony's PSVR spotlight event, Mojang Studios had an announcement regarding Minecraft today.
  • After years of requests from the community, Minecraft is officially coming to the PSVR in full virtual reality.
  • It'll be the full, complete game, just played with a PSVR headset and a PS4 controller.
  • The update will be completely free, and will come to the Bedrock Edition now present on PS4.

One of the most requested features for Minecraft has been support for Sony's PSVR virtual reality headset, which is a decently popular peripheral for the Playstation 4 that has built up a pretty decent collection of games in the last few years. As part of Sony's PSVR spotlight event, we finally have confirmation directly from Mojang Studios: PSVR support is coming, and work began the moment Sony approved Minecraft's cross-platform Bedrock Edition for the PS4.

PSVR support for Minecraft is very straightforward, and will look a lot like other VR implementations of Minecraft in the past. It'll be the full game exactly as you know and love it, but with a VR headset strapped to your face instead. Crafting, fighting, and general survival will still happen using a controller, but you can do it with a level of immersion just not possible on the Playstation platform before this. All you need is a PSVR kit and a fully up-to-date Minecraft.

Minecraft doesn't quite have the PSVR support yet, but apparently it's coming very soon. According to Mojang Studios, the update enabling PSVR support should hit PS4 consoles this month, so players won't have to wait very long at all. Even better, this is a completely free patch update that won't cost anyone anything. As long as you have the PSVR setup, all you have to do is install the update and reap the benefits!

This still doesn't confirm anything about PSVR support for the PS5, so we'll have to wait a little longer for that.

Have you been asking for PSVR support for Minecraft? Are you planning on jumping in when the update lands? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Smh @ Microsoft Xbox I remember when Microsoft was putting extra features into Android and Apple mobile apps which was the final nail in the coffin for their own Windows Phone.
  • Microsoft needs to make VR for the Xbox, it's ridiculous how a base PS4 has a better version of a Microsoft game then the upcoming powerful Xbox Series X
  • Okay. Let's talk then about the VR that Minecraft already has with WMR. It's unplayable. It needs a teleport mode, or just have some options to mske it all tolerable. It's the base reference for motion sickness inducing games. Nobody wants that.