Arkfall: Mech Battles is an entire first-person shooter built inside Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

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Arkfall Mech Battles Image (Image credit: Syclone Studios)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition provides a myriad of tools with which creators can build new content for the Minecraft Marketplace.
  • Minecraft partner Syclone Studios has taken advantage of newly-advanced tools to create a full, independent game inside of Minecraft.
  • Arkfall: Mech Battles is the first of a franchise of sci-fi, first-person action-shooters with intense mech battles and city exploration.
  • The game will be released exclusively through the Minecraft Marketplace on April 19, 2022, on all Minecraft: Bedrock Edition platforms with cross-platform multiplayer.

Minecraft is an impressive enough game entirely on its own merits, but much of how it has managed to last so long with such incredible levels of success is due to its community. Mojang Studios enables community creators to build new content for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition with a plethora of official tools. These creations are released through the Minecraft Marketplace, and an indie developer has now taken this relationship to all-new heights. Syclone Studios is releasing Arkfall: Mech Battles, a full game built entirely inside of Minecraft.

Arkfall: Mech Battles is a first-person action-shooter set in a fictional sci-fi universe; players will take control of a devastating mech suit and explore the city of Neo Futura. Syclone Studios intends for this title to be the first of many in a growing franchise, with each game built entirely using Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's always-evolving creator tools and features. Arkfall: Mech Battles is a completely different entity than vanilla Minecraft, and features unique gameplay, mechanics, and more.

Some of the features of Arkfall: Mech Battles include:

  • A single-player and multiplayer co-op campaign. Arkfall: Mech Battles features a campaign exploring the futuristic city, in which players will have to face waves of enemy units, complete a variety of objectives and mission types, and defeat three custom bosses. Players can complete the campaign solo, or bring along up to three additional friends for a co-op experience.
    • Players can select the campaign missions they wish to complete from an interactive "mech hub"
    • Players can learn how to play the game through a full in-game tutorial "simulation" mission
  • Four mechs and a variety of equipment. Arkfall: Mech Battles includes four unique mech suits from which to choose, with each featuring a special ability to call upon in battle. There are also usable items, five different weapons, and fully customizable loadouts for each mech.
  • Detailed visuals and audio. Arkfall: Mech Battles differentiates itself from vanilla Minecraft with a wide range of custom features that breathe life into its visuals and audio, including:
    • Unique textures applied across the entire world
    • Models for mechs, enemies, trees and foliage, sculptures and statues, and many other aspects of the world
    • Animations for all player and enemy actions
    • Particle effects for weapons, explosions, smoke, fire, and other effects
    • Fully voiced in-game characters, tutorials, and more
    • Studio-quality audio for sound effects, ambiance, and more
  • Cross-platform multiplayer. At launch, Arkfall: Mech Battles will immediately support multiplayer co-op for its campaign. After launch, the game will add multiplayer PvP and server-based options for players. This multiplayer takes advantage of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's excellent cross-platform support to work across every platform on which Minecraft is available.

Arkfall: Mech Battles releases exclusively through the Minecraft Marketplace on April 19, 2022, and will be supported anywhere Minecraft: Bedrock Edition works, including Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Android and iOS, and Switch. The first independent game to be built with and published through Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, Syclone Studios hopes it can encourage other developers to follow suit while also expanding the Arkfall franchise with future games.

Minecraft is certainly one of the best Xbox games, but can a game built inside a game also achieve the same level? It's clear a lot of work has gone into bringing Arkfall: Mech Battles to life, and it'll be interesting to see if it can deliver a compelling first-person shooter experience from within Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

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