Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta fixes crashing, performance issues

Minecraft Nether Update Java Image
Minecraft Nether Update Java Image (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is a hugely popular open-world creative survival game from storied creators Mojang Studios.
  • The game has an ongoing beta to test future updates and fixes before they're released to the public.
  • The latest beta,, has just landed for beta testers on Windows 10, Xbox, and Android devices.
  • The beta focuses on a handful of changes to reduce crashes and improve performance.

Minecraft, one of the Best Games for Kids on Xbox has a long-running beta that's available through Windows 10, Xbox, and Android, and typically receives weekly updates to test future releases with bug fixes, new features, and more. Recent betas have been all about optimization and improvements to the Nether Update, before we start seeing new features and tests for the much-hyped Caves and Cliffs Update coming in Summer 2021. Today's beta, is no different, including a handful of bug fixes focusing on crashes and performance issues rather than any new features.

The beta is available right now for testing if you're enrolled. If you're looking to show off your love of Minecraft or flesh out your collection, consider some of the Best Official Minecraft Merch.

The beta changelog includes:

Bug fixes

Performance & stability

  • Improved terrain building speed when flying with Elytra
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the game when using the crafting table on Creative mode
  • Fixed an issue with a runaway block ticking queue that occurred on a looping data-driven block that changed itself to a different permutation. The bug could cause memory issues, increase load and save times, as well as stalling the game periodically

Technical changes

  • Reduced content warning spam with data-driven block geometry
  • A fix for dedicated server that copies the experimental toggle state to LevelSettings while initializing the server instance to make sure it uses the values specified in the loading world
  • Fixed data-driven blocks to shrink UVs the same was as actors to prevent UV bleeding



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