Minecraft continues its quest for global domination, now available on Nintendo Switch

Microsoft's Minecraft empire continues to grow, with the title now heading to the Nintendo Switch.

Explore randomly-generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles.Play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs.

The Switch edition of Minecraft is available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop, and for its latest launch has some special Nintendo-flavored additions. Namely, Mario. Because why wouldn't it?

For Minecraft gamers on the go, the Switch release is an exciting proposition. For Microsoft and Mojang it's just another stop on the road to total global domination. For more on Minecraft or the Switch in general, be sure to visit our buddies over at iMore.

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch: The ultimate starter kit

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  • Good for Nintendo gamers
  • love the switch 
  • "punching trees"... Hahaha!
  • this gives me a reason to buy the switch
  • i think Microsoft should bring their games to the Switch, i do not mean it in a bad way or anything, specifically in Japan they do not need to bring it to the other territory but putting their games on switch in Japan would give their games more sales it could be the handheld version of their Scorpio counterpart and Nintendo should meet them halfway and allow onedrive and groove on the switch this could be a great partnership 
  • That would be a fruitless endeavor.  Japanese tastes in games are pretty specific and Nintendo never has and never will play nice with any of it's competitors.  The Switch is a good idea but, as with many things from Nintendo over the past few years, there are always bizarre caveats. Suppose that pipe dream of yours came true, with as many games as feature online multiplayer on Xbox, how does that work with Nintendo's asinine choice to filter socialization and voice chat through a phone app?
  • you are wrong on two accounts, Nintendo do play well with others you do know Nintendo agree to cross play online first when disney did the Disney infinity game and if you do not know all companies agree and they were able to get a game on three different systems on one server,   on second account people would buy games from Microsoft they just do not want to buy Microsoft hardware and since handhelds sell more in Japan they would have a better chance making their game for Nintendo handheld.......they made one for Nintendo handheld before i think on the original DS which made some money...........now the socialization aspect and voice chat i do not know, but it would not be an issue because if Nintendo can make a app to make those aspects work for the Switch, they can allow Microsoft make an app that connects to their server to do the same so yes it may not be simple and you end up having to get a second app but it is do able 
  • Disney is not a competitor for Nintendo in the console space, Microsoft and Sony are and there would be no reason to shut down crossplay for a specific game.  I'm not going to argue with you on Nintendo being hostile towards competitors because history speaks for itself. You also seem to be under the impression that the Japanese market is relevant for gaming and, in truth, it hasn't been for years. There is very little benefit for MS to send their specific games to the Switch and even less for them to take a risk when Nintendo has been mishandling their home console business for years. And why in the world should MS make an extra chat app to appease a phenomenally tiny segment of the gaming world?  I mean the Xbox app would work but voice chat is available through the other consoles for a reason. People have been saying for years that if you want to play Nintendo games then get a Nintendo console and I see no reason why one rule should apply to Nintendo and another to Microsoft.
  • you misunderstand my point, did not say disney try to compete with everyone, just saying when disney had an idea to get all the systems to play together online, Nintendo was first to give okay to Disney in their idea for all 3 systems to play on same server.......they did not have to say okay they could of said i do not want to work with Sony or Microsoft.   the point of them being hard to work with is the past, many developers came out and said the Nintendo switch policy are way better than anything Nintendo had in the past, before they would give you very few information on how to make a game work on their system and you had to find out on your own, everything change.......you have to keep up, or at least read new testimony, saying they still give others hard time will make your argument look bad in the future because people will wonder which time was Nintendo being hard........right now for making games and having a developer put their games on the switch system is the easiest out of the 3 systems one developer said you can see they took some ideas from how Steam work for example one idea they took you only needed to post one game for every region and you can whenever patch in other languages if you want........on other systems you have to send in multiple copies.......im telling you this info because next person you talk to he or she can learn how much they change   you missed Another point i wrote earlier i did say Japan now is a handheld country so yes sales have dipped if you still make consoles and the switch is a hybrid with it being a handheld also it appeal to Japan handheld lovers......for example 3ds sold over 20 million there its drop in power is not same as ps2 doing over 20 million than ps3 only did like 7 million or whatever it did......people are buying less consoles there, and my point is unless Microsoft make a handheld they will have to expect very low game sales so why not do what they did on the DS and just collect money its a smarter move from a business perspective   i can tell you misunderstand a lot when you talk about home console since you confuse switch a handheld first that can dock into a dock to turn into a system......and since you comparing it to the past consoles Nintendo had of course it will look bad.......and you know that......cause if you compared it to past handhelds your argument would be much weaker because Nintendo handhelds always do well even if it don't sell DS numbers it still have a sizeable market over 60 million so people are still there and still buying.......i think once you understand the portable side you will then understand why Japan is going crazy for it right now and why a Microsoft game would have a better chance on a handheld
  • I'm not going to spend all of my time going back and forth with you on this, so this will be my last reply.  I understand perfectly fine what you are saying but you don't seem to understand that a game developer who does not create a competeing console is not in the same category as a company with their own consoles with exclusives that they have built for that console.  I am going to say it again, Nintendo does not play nice with other console makers and being okay with a single game - they they themselves don't even own - having cross-platform play does not equate to them being friendly and open to working with Sony and Microsoft.  I say this as someone who has enjoyed Nintendo devices for deacdes. I am also going to say it again, Japan is not relevant for MS.  Not for the types of games that they produce because that is not in line with Japanese tastes.  The form factor of the switch is irrelevant, whether you are considering is as a handheld or docking it as a home console.  The point stands that it would not be worth Microsofts time or effort to port their console exclusives to the device.  They would not sell in Japan even if they were on a handheld. I am not disagreeing with you because I think the Switch is a bad system.  It would be my dream system if it weren't so flawed in its execution, leaving me waiting for the inevitable second version.  I am disagreeing with you because I know Nintendo's history and enough about Japanese preferences in games to know that it would not be worth it.  Even porting a game can be very expensive.  Microsoft might like money but the risk/rewards of what you are proposing are not likely to wind up in their favor.  
  • response misinformed again but i will leave it alone, if you are curious which part misinformed, i will only use one example the part you talked about porting, NVidia help Nintendo make tools to make it easier to port games to it, more than one developer came out and said it took 1 day or 3 days to get it up and running which is very fast compared to anything before........you have to give NVidia their props they built their product in a way it can scale from any of their graphic cards
  • The Switch is region-free so it wouldn't make sense for Microsoft to only port Japanese language versions of their games. Besides, the Switch could technically compete with Scorpio since who wants to buy the more expensive console if they can get the games they want on a cheaper home console when the Switch is docked? It is possible to not allow docked mode for a game, however.
  • I would prefer Nintendo games on my Xbox.