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What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is an ongoing action-RPG title from Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios.
  • The game has enjoyed a ton of post-launch support with six DLC expansions so far, but is moving to the next chapter of its life.
  • On Tuesday, Mojang Studios released 'The Cloudy Climb' update for Minecraft Dungeons, the first of likely many Seasonal Adventures.
  • The free update adds The Tower single-player game mode, weekly challenges and rewards, and a premium Adventure Pass for even more goodies.

Minecraft Dungeons was a wild departure for Mojang Studios, pouring a ton of Minecraft DNA into a previously unexplored genre for the studio. Now, Minecraft Dungeons boasts of over 10 million unique players and healthy post-launch support with six DLC expansions released since the game's inception. On Tuesday, Mojang kicked off the next chapter of the release of Minecraft Dungeons The Cloudy Climb update.

The Cloudy Climb is a free update rolling out to all Minecraft Dungeons platforms that takes the series in a brand-new direction. The story of the Arch-Illager has concluded and all six of the previous DLC expansions are included in Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition for players to enjoy, while the game pivots to adding continuous free live service-style content.

The Cloudy Climb features a ton of new content and additions for Minecraft Dungeons players to explore, including:

  • The Tower. One of the biggest new features in The Cloudy Climb for Minecraft Dungeons is The Tower, a brand-new single-player game mode that has players take control of a generic hero and tackle the dangers and challenges of a procedurally generated (and frequently refreshed) series of rooms and levels. The Tower features many levels, with each one presenting unique challenges. The farther you manage to get, the more upgrades and abilities you'll earn for your temporary character. The farther you get, the more rewards you'll be able to bring back as permanent prizes for your Minecraft Dungeons hero.
  • Seasonal Adventures. The Cloudy Climb is also Minecraft Dungeons' first Seasonal Adventure, which effectively reads as "Battle Pass' when compared to other games. Seasonal Adventures feature daily and weekly challenges the award Adventure Points (alongside regular gameplay and The Tower) that accrue to earn you Adventure Ranks. For each Adventure Rank, you can get unique in-game cosmetic rewards including skins, pets, emotes, flairs, and more.
  • Adventure Passes. If you want to get the most out of a Seasonal Adventure, you can purchase the season's Adventure Pass ($4 on each platform) to begin earning even more rewards on top of the free ones anyone can obtain. Adventure Passes don't expire, and add even more incentive to tackle the challenges of Minecraft Dungeons week-to-week.
    • Minecraft Dungeons progress still carries between platforms, but the Adventure Pass needs to be purchased separately on each platform you play on

Minecraft Dungeons' The Cloudy Climb update is now available on all platforms Minecraft Dungeons is, including Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC. The base game of Minecraft Dungeons is also available through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, including The Cloudy Climb content and future Seasonal Adventures.

It remains to be seen how Mojang Studios intends to support Minecraft Dungeons with future Seasonal Adventures and content updates, but Minecraft Dungeons has already cemented itself as one of the best Xbox games around, especially when you play with friends.

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