Minecraft Dungeons gets official merchandise from Cloak, including an actual cloak

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Cape
Minecraft Dungeons Hero Cape (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is a co-op focused ARPG from Mojang Studios that revolves around loot.
  • It's a big expansion for the Minecraft franchise, and has been highly reviewed here at Windows Central.
  • Coinciding with the momentous launch, Mojang Studios has collaborated with the gaming merchandise company Cloak.
  • Together, they're releasing 40 pieces of unique Minecraft Dungeons branded gear, including literal cloaks.

Minecraft Dungeons is officially out, and thousands of peoples are jumping into the colorful world to help defeat the misunderstood Arch-Illager. Whatever gear you're rocking inside the game, you might be thinking you need some real-life Minecraft Dungeons gear to go along with it. Good thing Mojang Studios, the developer of the game, and Cloak, a gaming-focused merchandise company, have collaborated on a Limited Edition Collection featuring 40 pieces of clothing and merch for the game.

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The collection comes from Cloak, a merchandise company founded by famous YouTubers and gamers Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, focused on making gaming merchandise in a responsible fashion for other gamers. The collection is vast, featuring t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, crop tops, and even actual cloaks, which I'm not ashamed to admit look awesome. I'd definitely rock one.

Minecraft Dungeons Cloak Merch Cloak (Image credit: Mojang Studios / Cloak)

Minecraft Dungeons Cloak Merch Cloak (Image credit: Mojang Studios / Cloak)

Minecraft Dungeons Cloak Merch Hoodie (Image credit: Mojang Studios / Cloak)

Minecraft Dungeons Cloak Merch Hoodie (Image credit: Mojang Studios / Cloak)

Source: Mojang Studios / Cloak

If you're interested, you can read Mojang Studios' full blog post here detailing the collaboration, or skip straight to Cloak's site to buy yourself some sweet Minecraft Dungeons merchandise.

Are you going to pick any up? What do you think about this Limited Edition Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Looks cool, but $88.00 US for the cloak seems a bit much to me. In my mind, it should be no more expensive than the hoodie, which is $60.
  • Honestly, I felt the same. I'd totally wear the cloak, but $88 is a solid chunk of change.