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Minecraft Dungeons Combat
Minecraft Dungeons Combat (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Dungeons introduces a new direction for Microsoft's blockbuster franchise, with a role-playing experience centered on fighting mobs and grinding for gear. With a casual take on loot-driven dungeon crawling, famed by Diablo, it packs a variety of unseen weaponry and armor to discover.

The signatures of the Minecraft Dungeons arsenal come via coveted high-tier Unique gear, each featuring distinct designs and in-game abilities. We've wrapped up every Unique weapon and piece of armor we've found so far, following launch.

For information on where these can drop, consult the loot table over here. For example, if you want a specific sword, hunt for areas where swords can drop, and so on. All Uniques have a chance to drop from the Blacksmith too.

Minecraft Dungeons loot tables

Unique Axes

From cutting wood to legendary battles, the swing of the axe means substantial damage in Minecraft Dungeons. Different axes feature head augmentations and elemental upgrades, with a deadly spin attack move wiping out enemies within the immediate vicinity.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Cursed AxeThis otherworldly axe brings dual blades and a volatile spin on battles. Killed mobs explode once downed, with a devastating spin attack providing a broader area of effect.○ Defeated Mobs Explode○ Spin attackRow 0 - Cell 2
FirebrandThis is a one-handed axe with enchanted with fire. Hitting enemies with this will set them ablaze, which stacks nicely with other fire-style enchants.○ Burns mobs○ Spin attackRow 1 - Cell 2
Highland AxeThis handcrafted axe is the weapon of a true warrior, with the ability to stun enemies once hit. That couples with a spin attack move, providing a full 360-degree attack to clear out enemies within reach.○ Stuns Mobs○ Spin attackRow 2 - Cell 2
WhirlwindLiving up to the fierce moniker, Whirlwind is a double-bladed axed birthed from a vicious storm. It casts shockwaves, throwing enemies back, with a spin attack for added effect.○ Casts Shockwaves○ Spin attackRow 3 - Cell 2

Unique Daggers

The speed and dexterity of daggers allow the bearer to deal out rapid attacks on all enemy types. The one-handed nature of the blades also enables dual wielding, for double the impact per swipe.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Fangs of FrostThese dual, ice-cold blades deal serious damage, enabling rapid attacks and a slowing, freezing ability. Using these daggers helps keeps mobs at bay, providing vital openings for co-op allies.○ Slows Mobs○ Dual WieldRow 0 - Cell 2

Unique Gauntlets

When fights get close and personal, these gauntlets leave their mark with each punch. Transform your fists into killing machines, including unique combos for damage boosts.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Fighter's BindingsThese marron gauntlets take your hand-to-hand dexterity to the next level, with improved attack speed in all encounters. Fighter's Bindings also features Turbo Punches, delivering hits in rapid succession.○ Boosts attack speed○ Turbo PunchesRow 0 - Cell 2
MaulersFight like a bear with these claw-embellished gauntlets, helping deal steady damage with each punch. The Maulers increase your attack speed through rapid swipes, and topped with a combo.○ Increases attack speed○ Relentless ComboRow 1 - Cell 2
Soul FistsThese golden gloves pack punch, with a boost to your critical hits. These also feature a special combo and increased souls gathering, ideal for any soul-based build.○ Souls Critical Boost○ Relentless Combo○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 2 - Cell 2

Unique Glaives

Glaives enable consecutive melee hits, with the bonus of an extended melee reach over alternatives. Exploit their damage and various enhancements, while keeping a safe distance from some foes.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Grave BaneA large glaive spear with a Holy slant. This weapon deals extra damage to undead mobs and has a longer melee reach than usual.○ Extra damage to Undead○ Longer melee reachRow 0 - Cell 2
Venom GlaiveThis Glaive spreads large poison clouds alongside its hefty damage and wide-arc glaive attack combo. A great weapon for any warrior.○ Spawns poison clouds○ Longer melee reachRow 1 - Cell 2

Unique Hammers

These magical hammers have rippling effects on gameplay, summoning supernatural forces to damage and control enemies. Take a big swing and watch the carnage unfold.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Hammer of GravityWith the power of gravity on its side, sucking enemies into clusters so you can easily squish them. While keeping your friends close, this weighty hammer ensures your enemies stay closer.○ Pulls in enemies○ Great SplashRow 0 - Cell 2
StormlanderThis glowing hammer summons lighting to strike foes with each swing. The epitome of power, but burdened through its weight, this electrifying relic helps you become the superhero you always dreamed.○ Fires Lightning Bolts○ Great SplashRow 1 - Cell 2

Unique Maces

These medieval weapons deal hard-hitting strikes in Minecraft Dungeons. Unique abilities help with crowd control and healing, while also knocking down enemies in a few hits.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
FlailEmbedding binding chains within every attack, the Flail keeps enemies from escaping your attacks. While slow to attack, each devastating swing ties enemies together for a brief period.○ Binds and Chains EnemiesRow 0 - Cell 2
Sun's GraceHarnessing restorative powers, and defined by its signature yellow glow, Sun's Grace doubles up damage with healing. Perfect for any close team.○ Heals Allies in the AreaRow 1 - Cell 2

Unique Pickaxes

The signature of past Minecraft experiences returns with Dungeons, but this time repurposed from its cave-digging origins. The sharp head boasts severe damage, through slow but confident swings.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Diamond PickaxeA trusty sidekick for any adventurer, the Diamond Pickaxe returns as a ruthless, high-impact counter to mobs. And as any seasoned Minecraft veteran will know, it's the essential sidekick for resource collection, this time boosting your Emerald earnings.○ Finds More EmeraldsRow 0 - Cell 2

Unique Scythes

The scythe, A must-use tool for any soul-gathering explorer, helps extract the souls from the dead.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Frost ScytheBecome the frosty Grim Reaper with this cold-blooded scythe, characterized by its crystalized detailing throughout. Swiping enemies causes a slowing effect, with added soul gathering to fuel your abilities.○ Slows mobs○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 0 - Cell 2
Jailor's ScytheA badass Soul-absorbing Scythe weapon that also chains enemies together. A great option for both defensive and offensive play.○ Binds and chains enemies○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 1 - Cell 2

Unique Sickles

Wield two of these menacing sickles, hand-in-hand, and swipe through enemy clusters.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Nightmare's BiteA rapid-attacking pair of sickles ideal for rogues. It also spawns poison clouds, stacking with Life Stealing-type enchants for tons of self-sustain.○ Spawns poison clouds○ Dual wieldRow 0 - Cell 2
The Last LaughGet that money. A pair of gold and silver sickles ideal for looting, The Last Laugh boosts your Emerald earnings throughout Minecraft Dungeons.○ Mobs Drop More Emeralds○ Dual wieldRow 1 - Cell 2

Unique Spears

Stab and jab hurdles in your way with these spears, capable of impaling enemies for massive damage. You also receive the bonus of an extended melee reach, keeping safe distances from the target.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Fortune SpearA spear for support characters, this spear makes mobs drop more consumables for your squad.○ Drop more consumables○ Long melee reachRow 0 - Cell 2
Whispering SpearThis cursed spear sometimes strikes twice, providing a bonus hit of damage on enemies. That complements its long melee reach, dealing damage without getting too close to the target.○ Sometimes Strikes Twice○ Long melee reachRow 1 - Cell 2

Unique Swords

The essential weapon for any Minecraft warrior; these blades focus on agile, quick damage. With a broad spectrum of swords, whether defined by speed, power, or unique abilities, you can't go wrong with a razor-sharp companion.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
BroadswordThe Broadsword might lack the flair of other unique alternatives but provides heavy damage through its native modifiers. That includes an enhanced pushback to keep enemies away, with further enchantments drawing the best from this setup.○ Extra Damage○ Powerful PushbackRow 0 - Cell 2
Dancer's SwordDouble the blades provides double the stabbing power, increasing your attack speed when equipped. The Dancer's Sword favors fast, lighter strikes, with a higher chance of combos.○ Increased attack speed○ Reliable ComboRow 1 - Cell 2
Dark KatanaThis mysterious blade comes forged with a strength against undead mobs. The unique modifier increased damage against undead, ideal for various zombie variants, and bosses like the The Nameless One.○ Extra damage to UndeadRow 2 - Cell 2
Diamond SwordAnother Minecraft signature returns with this crystalized blade. It keeps swordplay simple, rocking a boost to damage output for increased efficiency from every hit. While the Diamond Sword lacks mystique, its glowing aura draws eyes.○ Extra DamageRow 3 - Cell 2
Eternal KnifeThis stabby weapon is ideal for Souls-oriented players who want to power Souls-based artifacts. It grants so many extra Souls you won't know what to do with them all!○ Chance to gain souls○ Thrust attack○+2 Soul gatheringRow 4 - Cell 2
HawkbrandThe Hawkbrand is a powerful sword with a boosted chance to score a critical hit. Coupled with other crit-style enchants, this weapon could prove very devastating indeed.○ Increases critical hit chanceRow 5 - Cell 2
HeartstealerThis is a badass crimson claymore for warriors and other melee-oriented characters. It has lifesteal-on-hit, making it powerful for self-sustain.○ Leeches health from mobs○ Powerful pushbackRow 6 - Cell 2
Master's KatanaThis hard-to-find katana, most commonly found in the latter levels of Minecraft Dungeons, deals heavy damage and an increased chance of critical hits. When equipped, you will truly become the master.○ Increases critical hit chanceRow 7 - Cell 2
Nameless BladeThis is a sword with a unique style. Enemies struck with it gain the Weakened debuff, which is a powerful survival tool.○ Weakens enemy attacks○ Reliable comboRow 8 - Cell 2
Truth SeekerFinishing off enemies at their weakest, this wavy sword deals some serious pain. Strike when enemies are wounded for a damage boost, paired with chance of a thrust attack.○ Increased damage to wounded mobs○ Thrust attack○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 9 - Cell 2

Unique Bows

For the methodical fighter among the group, bows reward lining up the shot and pinpoint accuracy. Deal devasting results by charging the bow, with various abilities and enchantments diversifying the approach.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
BonebowOriginating from Pumpkin Pastures, this skeletal bow augments arrows, growing in size. It values longer-range attacks, with large arrows formed via longer travel times.○ Arrows grow sizeRow 0 - Cell 2
Bow of Lost SoulsGhostly and harrowing, the Bow of Lost Souls turns heads by its appearance alone. With soul-gathering bonuses and chance of multiple arrows per shot, it's one of the most unique bows out there.○ Chance for Multishot○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 1 - Cell 2
Elite Power BowThe Elite Power Bow provides a unique spin on the more common Power Bow, guaranteed to leave its mark on enemies of all sizes. Living up to its name, this bow provides powerful charged attacks coupled with serious damage, providing a versatile baseline for further enchantments.○ Ranged damage○ Strong Charged Attacks○ Greater damageRow 2 - Cell 2
Guardian BowThis relic of the sea hits hard, which while similar to the default bow, packs an impressive upgrade to stopping power. Heavy arrows and charged attacks leave their mark, versatile across the full spectrum of Minecraft Dungeons mobs. While the Guardian Bow lacks the unique modifiers that augment combat dynamics, its stature comes from reliability across all types of enemies.○ Ranged damage○ Strong Charged Attacks○ Super Charged ArrowsRow 3 - Cell 2
Hunter's PromiseWith high impact and command over fluffy friends, the Hunter's Promise serves well for any hunter build, centered around animals. The bow tells pets to attack any targeted mob, while also providing chance to regain shot arrows.○ Pets Attack Targeted Mobs○ Chance to Regain ArrowsRow 4 - Cell 2
Master's BowThe Master Bow also leverages the relationship with pets, helping any companion target enemies shot with this bow. You also deal extra damage, compared to other bows.○ Pets Attack Targeted Mobs○ Extra Damage DealtRow 5 - Cell 2
Mechanical ShortbowThis engineered bow cranks up the fire rate, outputting more arrows per second, than your average bow. Spray and pray, as much as your ammunition reserves can handle.○ Accelerated Fire RateRow 6 - Cell 2
Nocturnal BowRobbing enemies of their speed, the Nocturnal Bow proves valuable when controlling crowds of enemies from range, even if outperformed by many in damage.○ Steals Speed○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 7 - Cell 2
Purple StormPurple Storm hits hard and fast, delivering substantial damage, bolstered through a speed fire rate. This violet bow might not feature the alluring magic of alternatives but instead ensures a steady flow of arrows heads the enemy's way.○ Ranged damage○ Increased Fire RateRow 8 - Cell 2
Red SnakeThe Red Snake bites back with a fiery twist, with the chance of triggering an explosion upon impact. While far from guaranteed, it provides the opportunity for bonus damage, while throwing nearby mobs off their feet. That couples with stronger charged attacks compared to the vanilla bow variant for an additional kick.○ Strong Charged Attacks○ Chance for Arrows to ExplodeRow 9 - Cell 2
SabrewingMajestic in form but devastating in battle, the Sabrewing balances firepower and healing. Strong charged shots leave their mark on foes, while its unique ability heals nearby allies.○ Strong Charged Attacks○ Heals Allies in the AreaRow 10 - Cell 2
The Green MenaceUnleashing viridescent fumes on enemies, the aptly-named Green Menace provides reliable ranged damage coupled with an area-of-effect (AoE) ability. Landing shots with this bow has the chance of spawning a cloud of toxic gas upon impact, dealing damage to the target and nearby foes. Fired arrows can also ricochet, dealing damage to multiple targets.○ Spawns Poison Clouds○ Hits Multiple TargetsRow 11 - Cell 2
The Pink ScoundrelThis rosy slinger flips the minds of unsuspecting foes, with the chance of "enraging" mobs in its path. Those enraged embark on a rampage, introducing turncoat mobs forced to help your cause, attacking their allies as well as your party. Fired arrows can also ricochet, landing damage on multiple enemies.○ Chance to Enrage Mobs○ Hits Multiple TargetsRow 12 - Cell 2
Twin BowHit two birds with one stone. The idiom defines the Twin Bow, offloading two arrows per shot, and primed to target to separate enemies. This multitasking maestro rapidly deals hits across groups but eats through your ammunition reserves equally as fast. Spray and pray, now twice as fast with this addition.○ Shoots Two Enemies At OnceRow 13 - Cell 2

Unique Crossbows

Tear through your ammunition reserves with maximum carnage with a crossbow. While forgoing the elegance of traditional bows, accuracy and timing remain key.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Auto CrossbowFunction over form, this creation of the Arch-Illager cranks up the fire rate far beyond alternatives. That rate also increases as you shoot, rewarding those who hold down the trigger. Ideal for targeting large groups of hostile mobs.○ High Firerate○ Firerate increases upon firingRow 0 - Cell 2
Azure SeekerSwiftness defines the Azure Seeker crossbow, with an increased fire rate, and fast projectiles making for one sleek machine.○ Increased Fire Rate○ Faster ProjectilesRow 1 - Cell 2
Butterfly CrossbowWith its name derived from speed and elegance akin to winged creatures, this slinger means quick, clean kills. It has a high fire rate and shoots two enemies at once for a nasty combination.○ High Firerate○ Shoots Two Enemies At OnceRow 2 - Cell 2
Doom CrossbowThis mythical heavy crossbow delivers high impact at a slow rate of fire. Take your time to line up your shots and see the results.○ Powerful Shots○ Additional KnockbackRow 3 - Cell 2
Feral Soul CrossbowThis soul-sucking crossbow balances power and speed, with a massive bonus critical chance based on your current Soul gauge meter.○ Souls critical boost○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 4 - Cell 2
Firebolt ThrowerPlaying with fire grants this crossbow some powerful traits, with arrows exploding on impact, and the chance of a chain reaction. When the stars align, a few shots clears the dungeon floor.○ Chance of Chain Reaction○ Explodes on ImpactRow 5 - Cell 2
Harp CrossbowSlay enemies while strumming out epic melodies with the Harp Crossbow, defined by half-bow, half-harp construction. You also get more projectiles per shot, with a speedy rate of fire.○ Even More ProjectilesRow 6 - Cell 2
Lightning Harp CrossbowCharged with electrical energy, the Lightning Harp Crossbow tears through enemies. With multiple projectiles per shot, and chance to ricochet, pulling the trigger means chaos for those within reach.○ Chance to ricochet○ Multiple projectilesRow 7 - Cell 2
Slayer CrossbowThe Slayer Crossbow does as it claims — quick and easy kills. That's enabled by hard-hitting bolts, and the chance to ricochet among the dungeon walls.○ Powerful Shots○ Chance to ricochetRow 8 - Cell 2
The SlicerThe Slicer sounds menacing just by name, but its piercing bolts are what foes should truly fear. Fast projectile speed and the chance of firing armor-piercing ammunition leaves no mob safe.○ Chance to fire piercing bolts○ Faster ProjectilesRow 9 - Cell 2
VoidcallerBolts fired from this crossbow reel enemies together with the force of gravity. Lure them into your trap, control the crowd, and get ready to strike.○ Pulls enemies in○ +2 Soul GatheringRow 10 - Cell 2

Unique Armor

The world of Minecraft Dungeons also features a broad range of armor, featuring various performance enhancements on top of your chosen weapons. Find the armor that best suits your playstyle, coupled with the best enchantments to match.

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NameDescriptionGameplay Image
Archer's ArmorCommonly found within the walls of Creepy Crypt, the Archer's Armor enhances any build centered around bows and crossbows. The boost to movement speed keeps you on your toes, while additional arrows and extra ranged damage spotlight combat efficiency.○ +15% movespeed aura○ More arrows per bundle○ More ranged damageRow 0 - Cell 2
Cave CrawlerUtilizing the Cave Crawler armor enables a support-focused role, powering up artifacts and boosting weapon damage. You also get a cute pet bat as a handy airborne companion.○ +50% artifact damage○ +20% weapon damage boost aura○ Gives you a pet batRow 1 - Cell 2
Curious ArmorThis mystical spin on Guard's Armor emits a violet aura, with the chance of teleporting you a few blocks away from harm when hit. You also gain a reduction in artifact cooldown time, with additional arrows per bundle.○ Chance that you teleport away on a hit○ -25% artifact cooldown○ More arrows per bundleRow 2 - Cell 2
Ember RobeThis scarlet robe bends fire and magic, burning enemies who walk too close. You also get an artifact cooldown and movespeed bonus for additional versatility.○ Burns Nearby Enemies○ -25% artifact cooldown○ +15% movespeed auraRow 3 - Cell 2
Fox ArmorPerfectly pairing with a healing-focused support role, this fluffy orange attire keeps you and your allies safe. You get the opportunity to deflect hits, heal allies with potions, and bump damage.○ 30% chance to negate hits○ +20% weapon damage boost aura○ Health potions heal nearby alliesRow 4 - Cell 2
Frost BiteFrost Bites spawns a floating snowball pet that stuns enemies. It also complements any souls-focused build by increasing earnings, with tweaked ranged damage from bows and crossbows.○ Spawns a Snowy Companion○ +100% souls gathered○ +30% ranged damageRow 5 - Cell 2
Full Metal ArmorAnother pick geared toward defensive roles, the Full Metal Armor, is a suit of... full metal armor. Hold your ground with improved defense and hit negation, countered by that slow roll cooldown.○ 30% chance to negate hits○ +30% melee damage○ 35% damage reduction○ 100% longer roll cooldownRow 6 - Cell 2
Highland ArmorThis scaled armor set improves the fighting of any warrior through its melee-focused bonuses. You get a speed boost with each dodge, with increased melee damage and a reduction to incoming damage.○ Gains Speed after Dodge○ 20% damage reduction○ +15% melee damageRow 7 - Cell 2
Souldancer RobeThe Souldancer Robe isn't as robust as a traditional suit of armor, instead bolstered by otherworldly abilities. The enchantments help keep damage away, with bonuses for souls and artifacts.○ 30% chance to negate hits○ +100% souls gathered○ +50% artifact damageRow 8 - Cell 2
Spider ArmorThis arachnoid armor takes its all-black design and glowing red eyes from the eight-legged mob. It also stacks lifesteal-type enchantments with an increased speed when using close-quarters weapons.○ 3% life steal aura○ +25% melee attack speedRow 9 - Cell 2
Splendid RobeThe Splendid Robe embodies the mage-style role, whether its heavy artifact usage or glowing purple aura. Wearers receive improved artifact damage and cooldown, with melee damage bump as a bonus.○ +50% artifact damage○ -25% artifact cooldown○ +30% melee damageRow 10 - Cell 2
Stalwart ArmorBurly and plated with heavy metal, this armor set fulfills a tank role. You get increased defense and negate incoming hits, countered with a longer cooldown on rolls.○ Potion Use Boosts Defense○ 35% damage reduction○ 30% chance to negate hits○ 100% longer roll cooldownRow 11 - Cell 2
Wither ArmorInspired by Minecraft's skeletal mobs, the Wither Armor focuses on reaping the souls of the dead. You get a reduction to incoming damage, with souls and lifesteal style enchantments.○ 35% damage reduction○ +100% souls gathered○ 3% life steal auraRow 12 - Cell 2
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