Minecraft: Education Edition is headed to iPad

As it approaches its second year since hitting classrooms, Minecraft: Education Edition is ready to hit a new platform: iPad. Microsoft announced today that the classroom-focused edition of Minecraft will become available for iPads starting in September.

From Microsoft:

Today, we are excited to announce we're bringing the magic of Minecraft: Education Edition to iPad. Now, students can tap into the power of iPad to build historic monuments, swim through coral reefs with the Update Aquatic, bring creative stories to life, experiment with chemistry, and document their learning with the camera and portfolio features.

Since its launch in 2016, Minecraft: Education Edition has crossed some significant milestones. In November of 2017, Microsoft revealed that the game had surpassed two million users in classrooms around the globe. As of today, the Minecraft: Education Edition community sports 35 million licensed teachers and students in 115 countries.

In addition to its impending iPad debut in the classroom, Microsoft also announced today that all Minecraft players can now get their hands on the Chemistry Resource Pack, which was originally only available for the Education Edition. The Chemistry Resource Pack adds element blocks, lab tables, and more items that allow players to "create elements and combine them into compounds, build a periodic table and combine materials using chemistry to create new items like helium balloons, sparklers, latex, and underwater torches."

Minecraft: Education Edition will be available for iPad in September for schools that are licensed through Microsoft 365 for Education A3 or A5. For schools that haven't purchased licenses, Education Edition can also be licensed through yearly subscriptions in the Microsoft Store for Education.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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