Minecraft will come with Xbox achievements on Windows 10

On July 29, Mojang will unleash Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta to the world through the Windows Store. Today we get a little snippet of good news on the game from Microsoft's Mike Ybarra, who confirmed to a fan on Twitter that achievements are part of the Windows 10 Edition.

"@opticon9 Yes, Minecraft will have achievements on Windows 10"

That's a great way to start Xbox on Windows 10 with one of the highest profile titles getting Xbox achievements out of the gate. We first learned about the new version of Minecraft back at Minecon 2015, in London, and that the Pocket Edition will soon be updated to run parallel to this new desktop edition.

Current owners of Minecraft for Windows PC can download the Windows 10 beta for free, while new players can grab it for the reduced price of $10. You'll of course need your Windows 10 upgrade first, but any time from July 29 you can get your Minecraft on.

Source: @XboxQwik

Thanks @opticon9 for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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