Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta offers a new Halloween costume skin pack for $1.99

Along with a new update to the game itself, Mojang has released a new in-app skin pack for the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta, along with the Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Appropriately, the skin pack has a Halloween costume theme to it, but with a Minecraft twist.

Here's how Mojang describes it:

"This year's pack is more about dressing up as your favorite mob – it's kinda like your Minecraft avatar is about to head out for a trick or treating session, just like you might do on October 31st. I think this is one of the most creative skin packs we've done so far. I hope you enjoy it too!"

The Halloween pack costs $1.99 and include 15 skins:

  • Cow costume
  • Creeper costume
  • Enderman costume
  • Ghast costume
  • Iron Golem costume
  • Mooshroom Costume
  • Ocelot costume
  • Pig costume,
  • Pink sheep costume
  • Rainbow sheep costume
  • Skeleton costume
  • Snow golem costume
  • Spider costume
  • Zombie costume

For Minecraft players who don't want to spend any money, they can still get the Iron Golem and Zombie costumes for free.

Download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta ($9.99)

Source: Xbox Wire

John Callaham