Minecraft's console versions to get new game options, blocks and more on July 1

Wednesday, July 1 starts a new month and Microsoft wants to start it off right for fans of the console versions of Minecraft. Those versions will get a new update that will add a number of new features and content to the popular sandbox game.

Here's what players can expect:

  • Offended by mountains and caverns? Worry not, strange crafter, because now you have the option to customize your super-flat worlds so they're only as vertical as you desire.
  • New blocks! Oak, Spruce, Birch and Jungle wood types. Fences, Gates and Doors! Create the log cabin of your dreams.
  • A heap of new game options! Change the game mode, difficulty, time, player spawn position, ambient cave sounds, and weather without leaving your game session. Very handy.
  • Classic crafting! Now console players get to craft items just like their PC buddies on Java Minecraft. Some players find this style of creation more satisfying. Check it out.
  • New stuff! Iron Trapdoors, Inverted Daylight Sensors, Book & Quills, and Stained Glass have arrived. Use them wisely, and for good, please.

Also, the annual Minecon event is begin held this weekend in London and to celebrate, Microsoft is releasing a new and free skin pack for Minecraft console users. The company says, "This pack is extra-special because it features Alex and Steve wearing a selection of smart Minecon capes." The Minecon 2015 Skin Pack will be available until July 15.

Source: Xbox Wire

John Callaham