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Minesweeper and Sudoku are now available for free on Xbox Live

Tired of playing Flowerz, penniless Windows Phone Xbox Live gamers? Then today’s your day! Minesweeper and Sudoku are both on the marketplace costing nothing at all.

Minesweeper and its kid brother/dance partner Sudoku are the games many of us know and love, but they do include some fancy new additions to get the cerebral juices flowing. There’s the snazzy/maybe a little plain Metro UI design, a leveling system, and powerups that can ease the pain of challenging levels. To learn more about the powerup system and future plans for these titles, check out our mini-interview with Babaroga, the developer. Both games are free and ad supported, so their Achievements are only worth 50 GamerScore a piece - 150 less than a standard Xbox Live title. But hey, free GamerScore is free GamerScore, so let’s not get bogged down with numbers.

Logic puzzle loving gamers can find Minesweeper here (Zune link) and Sudoku here on the Marketplace.

Update: Games only available in the U.S. as of now, may show up in other regions later. Maybe not.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Please tell me it's not US only. Hopefully it just hasn't propagated to the UK marketplace yet. (No download links in Zune client)
  • Yup, looks like US only. Probably because of Bing. Great, and I can't even game the system like on my Xbox.
  • US only, thanks again from everyone in the UK
  • Wondered why there was no download link :(
  • What a swiz :-(
  • I thought Bing Adverts supported the UK (as well as others) now? Shame. I wouldn't have minded a go on these. Ho hum. (yes, I am in the UK too)
  • I'm getting the Minesweeper game, but Sudoku is nowhere to be found.
  • I had trouble too, by searching. Just go to the Marketplace, tap Games, then look in the Xbox LIVE panorama. They should be the first two titles.
  • That's odd, Bing is in the UK why can't we get these games? So if you factor in last week's jokes that's like 2 weeks in a row without games for us UK users. If only they would stop releasing them one by one then people wouldn't really complain about rubbish games or US only releases.
  • Hey, easy with the Fox News bashing. At least balance it out and do some left wing bashing at the same time. Perhaps, CNN, AP, USA Today...which all have WP7 apps available.
  • Fox News provides balance to the left leaning main stream media. Folks need to hear all sides. Unfortunatley most only get their news from main stream sources like CBS, CNN... worse yet, many only get their news from The Daily Show. If you really want to get all perspectives, at least politically, check out the realclearpolitics site. Hopefully we'll see a WP7 app from them one of these days.
  • I think the goal of news reporting should be impartiality, which provides balance all on its own. Also, Fox News hates video games and talks all kinds of stupid trash about them all the time, just so you know.
  • CNN, AP and USA Today do not outright lie like Fox does. Anyone is delusional if they think the crediblity of Fox is anywhere close to those 3.
  • You are delusional if you think those 3 are more credible than Fox. This is a WP7 site which we all now is the best damn OS so lets keep the topic on WP7.
  • seriously? GTTO right wing trash and stop ruining our country.
  • What a croc.. Hype up the games then US. Way to go MS!
  • FFS how can ms expect existing user to pass on how good they think the os is when ms keep shafting uk users.I am currently learning C# to become an app/game developer, but I'm thinking I've chosen the wrong path.
  • US only. Awesome! WP7 is sure to rocket to that predicted no 2 spot! /s
  • Why are all of you jabbering about not being able to get the games in the European countries, I'm in Slovenia, Europe, and I've got both games for free. Just tinker a bit with the region settings in Settings, set the most boxes to United States and enjoy in free games.
  • That's not the point, you tinkering with the settings doesn't make the games any more available worldwide. Sometimes you must see things as an average user and an average user won't care that he can change the region he will just care that the game is not available.
  • As stated by Bob, the average user won't tinker with settings to get apps that are widely promoted as free.Maybe wpcentral should have a clear key on news stories stating US only so we can filter out irrelevant news etc
  • Changing the regional settings makes no difference. My live account is UK and that's locked.
  • @yosagojimbo It's not like games come up with a big ol' sign that says "US ONLY!".In other words, we have no idea until *after* we post the story. Don't shoot the messenger.
  • What Daniel said. If the developer and publisher don't tell us it's US-only, we won't know till it lands and people report it to us.
  • @index1366 we shouldn't have to tinker with any settings, the uk were the first to get wp7 handsets, yet we get left out/ left behind with apps and features that we SHOULD get as there are NO language differences with the US. I got my wp7 handset on launch day last oct, yet I am struggling to promote it to friends due to MS mistreatment.
  • Rather than saying "ner ner ner ner ner, I've got it, just tinker with a few settings", how about telling us exactly WHICH settings to change, where, and what too......
  • Thanks for the US only, regards from spain!
  • wow I can complain as I am in canada we dont have the apps either and we also dont have any who wants to be a millionare or any specfic uk apps or any canada specfic apps. shafted again...
  • I tried searching for Sudoku in Zune, on Bing and Google and in the Marketplace app on WP7. Unable to find it on all three. Then I tried the link in the article above (on the computer) and I was able to get to Minesweeper but it would not find Sudoku. Finally went to IE on WP7 and clicked the same link on and was able to find the link. 20 minutes to find an app that I know exists. Unbelievable!!! Great job Microsoft. Your new tagline for WP7 Marketplace - Apps only available for those truly dedicated to finding them.
  • Could you download it?
  • Yes. Pretty good game too. Just shouldn't be so hard to find.
  • I did as you said: Link to the marketplace is working, but there is no download-button. I have a german account...
  • Well let me tell you a few things. Its coming from a guy in Australia, one of those places where these 2 small games are not available as well. I was not dying to get them, free XBL games are always welcome, but well, the story,as they say,is much bigger than the picture painted. Its not about who is in the US or in the UK or in AU or in Canada. Its about how microsoft seems to be following its policies.Lets take zune for example, the music player which everyone loves.Everyone knows u cant buy music on it except in a few countries.But then, why skimp on the metadata? why advertise the zune player on WP7 to look so good, whereas all we get in the other countries is a black screen with the album art. Dont get me wrong, its truly functional, but looks boring as **** My point is, its a small thing, and trust me, aesthetics matter. I am a dedicated WP7 lover, have promoted it amongst my friends, fought tooth and nail with the apple fanboys and the andriod robots, I have made more than 10 people go and buy wp7, just by making them see what its capable of doing.And here I am bickering like your nanny. I might be, but its time MS realized that the people who use this phone, are more passionate about it than maybe MS itself. I have this friend in India, he went ahead and brought a WP7 as well. He owns and xbox and loves his games. Few days later he is dismayed that NFS Undercover cost Rs 250 in India. You want a scale? A burger at Macdonalds cost Rs 25. Go figure.Why this price discrimination? If someone tells me that its because of the exchange rate and all, then let me tell you this, the AUD is above the US dollar now, has been so for quite some time now, but we still end up paying more than our US counterparts.Its sad to see that MS, who are trying to promote integration in a big way on this platform we all love, has no integration whatsoever in its practices.I never thought I would say this out loud, but I will now- MS will never beat Apple, until they get their facts straight.God knows if anyone is still reading this, I might be typing out of my head, but I am speaking the truth.
  • Hear hear. I have to get my xbox games brought in from a neighboring country, but that's because I want to stick to original software, if I wanted to get the bootlegged version I'd have to take 20 minute drive. Why punish the people that support you? That, in the end is the rub.Convinced a friend to go wp7, but he's getting restless already, people complain of not having enough apps on marketplace, we can't buy them even if we want to. This is utter bs.And the bit about the metadata on zune, YES! exactly! Why be so curmudgeonly with such tiny features that can really make a difference to the pleasure I derive from this device that I spent my hard earned money on... when it doesn't affect you at all.
  • Dude, skip lines between paragraphs please. That is one solid wall of text. :P
  • Dunno why everyone is jumping up and down so hard? I had this similar issue happen a couple of weeks back, next day the Live game was available. Just hasnt been updated to all regions im guessing.Even if its not, there would clearly be a reason to it. Hey ouch it stings, but welcome to Aus where we wait 6+ months at times for games the rest of the world already has!
  • The rest of the world is smaller than you think unfortunately :\
  • Also not available in Canada either.
  • Playing Minesweeper.Fun fact. I have never won a game of minesweeper.
  • It gets much easier once you learn the mechanics.
  • It takes time for stuff to populate out on all the different servers. Everybody is downloading from different servers. Everybody should just calm down and relax and give it a day.
  • Haha, this won't be available outside of the US after a year.The Bing integration should have been the first sign, since Bing sucks in most of the world and everything that advertises Bing has a pretty good chance of not ending up outside the US.(we don't even have the Bing app on ios here, good thing though since Google is way better) Bing is still Live Search with a new paint job here...Though I'm always happy to be wrong in matters like this, but I doubt I will be.
  • Sweet games but please keep your reporting impartial. Not all readers here are libtards.
  • It's an impartial fact that Fox News isn't impartial, you silly. Anything that leans heavily right or left is by definition not impartial.
  • What other news station has someone from BOTH sides of each debate argue their point? ABC, CBS, NBC have never done that. I can't think of anything more impartial. Clearly you're clueless.
  • When they do that (in the instances I've seen), it's always heavily stacked against the viewpoint that the network doesn't endorse. I could find you two or three links if you need evidence.Also, it's silly that you're even making this argument. The whole reason you even like that channel is because they tell you the news and viewpoints that you already like. There is a shared agenda across the network and it matches up with yours. It's not bad for you to like that, but it's preposterous that you're not able to differentiate between that and impartial reporting.
  • And it's preposterous that you would even imply that what you did above was "impartial reporting"... It's mind boggling... And for the record, that network warned about a number of things that would happen economically if we continued on the path that you clearly endorse. What exactly happened? Maybe they're on to something... LOL Since your side is clearly making everything all better, right? You're crazy, and NOT impartial. Please don't pretend to be something you're not.
  • What are you even talking about? I'm not endorsing anything (other than, obviously trying to be impartial when reporting). My only comments on this topic are criticizing that channel for some of its actions. Anything beyond that - what I wear, believe, or how I vote - you are entirely supplying on your own.Maybe that network told you where to invest your money and as a result you're now filthy rich. That's terrific. But that doesn't indemnify it from criticism.
  • STOP fu©king bashing the writer just because he doesn't believe the same way you do. its not his fault that you right wing tea party loonies are running this country into the ground.
  • Hey Paul, don't you mean it costs how much CNN and the rest of the liberal media, who's kool aid you seem to be drinking care about impartial journalism? Get your facts straight.
  • So things are either liberal or right wing, you say? There is no middle ground that journalism is actually supposed to aspire to reach?
  • Which you also didn't do. What was middle ground in your tirade? You made it quite clear what side of the fence you're on. Which, considering unemployment continues to rise, the country is more and more in debt, and we recently lost our AAA rating, I'd say the concerns voiced by Fox News were on the money.Perhaps you should stick to things you actually know a little about...?
  • I haven't even made a tirade. I'd love to have a mild debate with you, but I'm doubting your reading comprehension at the moment.
  • You're doubting MY reading comprehension? How about we start with "Middle Ground", and "Impartial"... Those are two words I'd love to hear your twisted definition of...And I would be happy to have a debate with you as well, but honestly, you seem to be yet another face online that doesn't understand what's even going on around them and insists they didn't say things that they did. Calling what you said impartial is laughable. Inflammatory maybe. Not impartial.
  • There is a middle ground but you definitely did not aspire to reach it. If you want to be in the middle, it's either you will hate on both sides or show both sides some love... or better yet don't even include anything political in you blog. Just talk about WP7 that unites both sides.
  • Exactly. It had nothing to do with anything and then he questions MY reading comprehension because he for some bizarre reason considers that middle ground? Or as stated elsewhere by him "Impartial"?? I'm frankly amazed he's able to put words together to form sentences at this point.And I feel it grossly unprofessional for me to come to a Windows Phone 7 news site and have a "journalist" (one that doesn't understand the definition of "impartial" at that) shove his political agenda down my throat. As if the past 2 years hasn't been an indicator for him... And to do that when your President's approval rating is this low? Really? Who has a comprehension problem now?I never would have made a political post on this site. Ever. As a writer (Which hey WPCentral, I'll write for you) especially. It's unprofessional at best.As a writer, you're supposed to connect with your readership, not divide them.
  • No, see, the comment that's got your panties in a bunch has nothing to do with my reporting. I report on games and apps, and you can be sure I try to be as unbiased as possible in doing so. But as a blogger, I am indeed held to a less strict standard than a newspaper or mainstream television channel/program would be.Criticizing a particular channel doesn't position me in any particular ideology. It just means that I disagree with that channel's practices due to my own journalistic standards. Not that I have any interest in covering "real" news, but I certainly wouldn't try to tell people how to think or any of the other criticisms I could list that I can already see causing you to gnash your teeth and perhaps breathe a little too heavily.
  • No, I would argue that it has a lot to do with your reporting. See, I'm perfectly fine with your reporting on tech news, as that's what I come here for. I do not however come here because I care to know your political leanings. It's unnecessary and unprofessional. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the article.And I fail to see why you would even go out of your way to make such a comment on a tech site to begin with. It had nothing to do with anything, was an apples to oranges comparison, and created a disconnect with some of your readers (Which most "journalists" would agree is not ideal)...Was this going to be your Pulitzer? lol
  • Why do these games require access to my phone and owner identity?
  • Some games require access to your phone's location to send you ads for your area. It wouldn't make sense to have ads for North Dakota businesses running on a Windows Phone that is in New Hampshire.
  • What does the author's (Clearly unbiased) opinion of Fox News have to do with these two games. I lose all respect for these "journalists" when they go on a completely unrelated tirade. It's not like they understand enough to offer an educated or even well informed opinion either...
  • As I said before, I didn't engage in a tirade. Look up the meaning of the word. Now, if you were to say "what does the author's COMMENT" have to do with the story, you'd be asking a decent question! And the answer would be I was making a joke in order to spice up the article. If you read my posts (the majority of the gaming news we run here), you'll see that I usually throw in a little silliness or snarkiness to keep things interesting.
  • I guess so and I fell for your trap.... I actually signed up so I could post comments.
  • Alright, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt (Though honestly, you're other comments didn't strike such a tone)... So, I'll chalk this up to poor taste in humor than anything else, though I doubt that's the case.Regardless, I'm hoping that I can come on here and get my WP7 news in the future without political opinion.
  • I really don't see how disparaging a TV channel involves political opinion. If you worked for the channel I could see why that might cause a strong (yet somewhat justified) reaction. But again, that wouldn't even be political.
  • Because you're implying that what they are reporting is not valid and untrue and, as such are attacking the opinions of some of your readers? Then when called on it you claim your comment was impartial and insult the intelligence of your readers? And I would think considering the worsening economic situation that more people would be wisening up...Trust me, it's not been a great day for you. I would really suggest it be dropped. I'm prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt and do that, but I'm hoping that this will be the last of the political jabs on this site.
  • The only people that think Fox is impartial are those that watch only Fox and love to hear over and over what they already believe. The rest of us on the Left AND in the middle prefer to research on our own.I'd install the Fox News app for a laugh, but I already have The Onion app and The Word.
  • Heh, love The Onion. :)
  • Oh come on now, if you are in the Left don't include the middle. You can't be in the middle if you're in the left. Plus, there is no true "Middle" maybe except for terrorists. They hate both sides alike.... Actually I think they like the left side better.
  • That's a really weird thing to say, dude.
  • Damnit Microsoft stop advertising core features that you offer universally. WPCentral you are doing a great job of covering this material. I just wish Microsoft could actually guarantee the Windows Phone experience universally, with Zune and the Marketplace not fully available we are missing a huge part of WP7. :( thumbs down MS
  • sorry guys I meant "can't" offer universally...