A mini view is in the works for Groove Music on Windows 10

Microsoft is apparently gearing up to launch a new "mini view" for Groove Music as part of an upcoming update. Spotted by MSPU, the mini view utilizes the relatively new Compact Overlay feature in Windows 10 to transform Groove into a smaller window.

A mini view is in the works for Groove Music

When enabled, the mini view will shrink Groove down to a window that floats on top of other windows at all times. The window itself features player controls, along with a bit of information about what track is currently playing. You can also continue watching music videos in the smaller window while getting on with other work elsewhere.

The new feature apparently made its way to some Windows Insiders, but it doesn't appear to be widely available for testing just yet. That's mostly due to the fact that Microsoft temporarily paused updates for the stock Windows 10 apps as of the release of the latest Fast ring update.

Download Groove Music from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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