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Miriel's Enchanted Mystery is an addicting time management game for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

There are few development outfits that can consistently turn out great apps or games. 10tons is a game studio that just so happens to constantly produce quality games on iOS and Android. Thankfully for us, they’ve really started to focus a lot of attention on Windows Phone and we’ve had great games this past year like Trouserheart, King Oddball, Sparkle, Joining Hands and more. Their games are definitely quirky, but we like them just the same. Today there’s a new game from them called Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery and it’s out for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Let’s check it out.

Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery is a time management game that puts players in the role of Miriel. She’s a hardworking gal that just so happens to have magic powers. You’re out to solve the story behind a mysterious egg relic in this time management game from 10tons. Here’s what the game features:

  • Enjoy hours of captivating time management entertainment
  • Experience a charming story and bite-sized hidden object puzzle challenges
  • Complete quests and upgrade your store to serve increasingly demanding customers

Miriel's Enchanted Mystery

I fired up Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery on our Surface Pro and had a great time playing the first few levels. I’m not the biggest player of time management games, but this one looks like it can get addicting pretty quick. Graphics and gameplay looked solid and appears to be worth the $2.99 cost of admission to play. Thankfully, 10tons does like to include trials in their games and you’ll get that on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

If you grab the game be sure to give us your thoughts down below!

Want to pick up Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery? You’ll need to decide if you want it for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. Once you do, there’s a free trial and then the game will cost you $2.99. I’d personally probably head for the Windows 8 version just so you can play on a larger screen. Want it for Windows Phone? Then head to the Windows Phone Store. Windows 8 users can grab it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). QR code below is for the Windows Phone version. 

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