Miso TV/Movie checkin app now available

For those who use Foursquare, Twitter and even Facebook (phew), you may have heard of the big "media checkin" apps like GetGlue and Miso. If so, you'll be glad to know we finally get an official version of the latter, Miso, for Windows Phone 7, right in the Marketplace:

Use Miso to check-in to what you're watching and earn points and badges! Add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share and connect with your friends. See what shows and movies are currently trending and submit your comments.


  • Use Miso to check-in, track, and share all the TV shows and movies you watch.
  • Connect Miso with Facebook/Twitter to share and see what your friends watch.
  • Search for TV shows and movies from an extensive online database and see what hot new shows are trending.
  • See a list of your favorite shows and how many times you've watched them.

We took the app for a spin and...meh. Needs a bit of work. It looks swell but loading times are long and slow (we never finished downloading the artwork for the Rachel Maddow Show).Coupled with the fact you have to manually search for what you are watching and we're not that impressed...yet. With an update or two we're sure the developers can hammer out any performance issues and make it a little more appealing. Actually though, we're way more interested in IntoNow (see video demo)--it's like Shazam but for TV, meaning you just hold your phone out and it will ID the show/episode for you, then allow you to "share it"  or "check in". That seems way cooler and is rumored to be coming to Windows Phone 7, but no ETA.

Miso is of course free and you'll need to create an account for it. Grab it here in the Marketplace. And go here to learn more about Miso: http://www.gomiso.com/

Daniel Rubino

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