Missed the Microsoft MWC event? You can now watch it in full!

Microsoft has made it so those who happened to miss today's event (or would like to relive the magic) can sit through the full 38 minutes. Microsoft today unveiled the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, as well as making some other notable announcements.

The video isn't from YouTube so you'll need to be on your PC to enjoy the show. What was your favorite part of today's event?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Will check this out as soon as I get home
  • it was kinda nice to see Stephen Elop back on stage. however much everyone else hates him, i like the guy, and his stage persona.
  • He isn't cool in my eyes dude !
  • Who needs cool. He does his job.
  • Such as? Make a company to sell the core business?
  • A core business that was bleeding money. They have been doing much better after they sold it off. Despite popular belief, Nokia wouldn't be profitable using android. They couldn't keep up with Samsung's marketing.
  • And nokia began losing money before cause of apple...before Android..
    At first they wanted to stick to Symbian..
  • He is one person that have the perfect on stage persona
  • My fav part was the project spartan browser demoed on phone. So elegant and fast.
  • but the address bar should be below. just like IE 11
  • I would say a change is nice.
  • The constant moaning on this site... Smh!!
  • Lets be honest here... IE has the worst browser user experience when it comes to PC or phone.
    Project Spartan is the real deal for today's browsers like Chrome or Safari.
  • Mmmhh. Sorry but I choose to disagree.
  • No it's not the worse I think you didn't use opera till now..
  • You must be stuck on IE9, should probably update soon.
  • Stupid, honest your face.
  • Personally, I'd take metro IE over any mobile browser on android or IOS. I haven't experienced many sites that don't work properly. 
  • I think the address bar should be at the bottom of the screen. It would combine with the option menu beautifully, hope its customizable
  • Agree, that makes sense to me.
  • +1 address bar MUST be at the bottom. Makes total sense the way IE works on phones. Easy to type stuff.
  • Hopefully they'll give us the option to have it up top or at the bottom. Fingers crossed.
  • The Microsoft video from Mobile World Congress can't be viewed on a Microsoft Windows Phone?!
    Makes sense!!?!
  • Of course it does. If you own WP you must have watched it LIVE. Only those who don't have WP will need to watch this thing now. /fanboy
  • Not this one.
    We couldn't live stream on our Windows phones either.
  • Yes you can.... At least my 930 asked me to open and the stream went on!
  • I have to agree with OP and Akhil. I wasn't able to livestream this on my phone and I tried it on both ie and uc browser. I tried to access from WC/WMPU & Lumia conversations sites all gave me an error regarding unsupported platform.
  • Same here. Tried to stream it on my 1520 and kept telling me that "my device can't play this type of content"
  • My 929 (Icon) can stream it as well.
  • Ditto on my 930 :)
  • Works​ fine on my 1520 with Denim
  • Blame Windows Central, but if you go directly to microsoft's page you can watch it on your WP.
  • Any hints about W10 new builds for phones or desktop coming soon while MWC is on?
  • No, and for it its the big fail from microsoft, we are in march and no builds for my old flagship 920, big big fail
  • I just wonder why people nowadays are so impatient to get something they desire. When you are waiting for something to happen, just focus fully on your work, family and everything else dear or important to you. The things you are waiting for will come much faster that way and you will be also be a much happier person. Believe me. :)
  • In this day and age we can do both. Multitasking.
  • So its a fail that you didn't get a technical preview (buggy software) on your phone because of partition stitching issues which are already being solved? And your 920 is not a flagship anymore. It's a midrange device, as is mine
  • can we see the video from the desktop version of IE?
  • Going to watch it when I get home!
  • I'm finally saying goodbye to WP...It has been a long run but unfortunately, WP is in the land of no return.
  • I'm sure you'll be a boomerang buyer. So enjoy your time away....and see you when you come back ;)
  • Unfortunately. I'm in the same boat.  The S6 Edge is calling my name...
  • Exactly.....With Onedrive, OneNote, and ect....coming in the S6 right out of the box, I don't see any reason to stay. Not to mention the robust app store. It's time.
  • My thoughts too... MS have done to little and to late... Almost only MS left to produce WP-phones, and no high-end phones in sight.
    Well, maybe a flagship in 2015 with W10, but nothing for sure. I've been waiting for that boat a long time already...
    I hate Android but I don't feel like I have any other options... And especially if you want to close the app-gap... Tired of waiting there too...
  • Then go.  Honestly, it's gotten to the point where I don't even believe 3/4 of the comments on here any more.  It's beyond my scope of comprehension to understand why people would come to site for MS enthusiasts and belly-ache for another platform.  Just go.  Android Central is a thing (and a mighty fine website).  Your opinion isn't changing those who are devout in what they like and honestly, it doesn't matter.    For the people who will try to take the kneejerk "so who are you to say" type reaction to my comment:  My comment is an observation of the situation here,  I have Android and Windows devices but I don't come here to bitch about how slow a giant company is making moves relative to it's competition with now real perspective on the entire industry. 
  • Well, the reason I still read these articles is because I still have a slightly hope that WP finally will start to grow, and more people will buy Windows phones... Because I like it!
    But... When no one of the other big manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LG) is interested in making flagship phones with WP, then the platform will die slowly... And that's a fact whether you like it or not!
  • But... When no one of the other big manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LG) is interested in making flagship phones with WP, then the platform will die slowly... And that's a fact whether you like it or not!
    Once again, lack of perspective shows it's head.  The Platform has supposedly been on it's deathbed since 2008.  Photon was supposed to revitalize it until Windows Phone 7 Series went in a totally different direction (with Samsung and LG phones in tow and Sony Prototyping phones).  Simply put, Windows in it's current iteration isn't going to out-Android Android.  They are in a platform (re)building phase.  You can choose to accept that and go along for the ride or you can complain that you will jump ship to another platform and actually do so.    Last stupid thing since you brought it up, 3rd party companies making flagship devices <> the only method of market success.  Apple has shown that.  Being able to provide customers with the products (or "experiences") that they care about = a version of success.  Doing that for businesses is another... There's always some place for a company to iterate/evolve, MS with respect to this section of it's business is determining that now.
  • "I still have a slightly hope that WP finally will start to grow, and more people will buy Windows phones..." - well, then your dream is coming true, WP is growing and more people buy WP. Case solved. ^^ flying awaay
  • Growing? Where? When?
    You should read the stats...
    Believe me... I would really like to see WP push Android of the throne, but I stopped believe it's going to happen... Only time will show if you are right, or I was right.
  • You left off the "in my opinion".
  • You'll be back....they ALWAYS come back...
  • The camera attracted me to the WP and it has been now almost two years.... MS talkerd too much but did very little and extreemly slow... Me too rethinking to continue with WP.... May be return when WP 10 is ready with some good high end device... 
  • It's funny how every MS enthusiasts are up and arms about the dissatisfaction some of us have. Each one of you live in a state of denial, but it's okay. If you think windows phone is going to make any dent in the market, you all seriously need a reality check. From time to time popular apps are being deleted, no updates for half-baked apps, a laughable app store, empty promises and the list goes on. It is whatever though.
  • Actually i was hoping for much more features on Windows 10 , but they didn't reveal any of it !
  • That is next month.
  • And if W10 isn't good enough, I heard that W11 is going to really be good... You only have to wait 2 more years...
    Heard that one before?
  • Dude from where you get these information ? All we doing is waiting only for a better OS and microsoft is taking too much time to build a good OS . I don't think people have such patience to wait for another 2 years :/
  • At Build next month.
  • I.e april 29
  • Haven't heard it.... Just my experience from earlier releases and updates.
    Wait and see...
  • Hahaha right, your experiences...! Did your experience told you about 8.1 too? That , how they will omitt some good features from Wp8 ????
  • Wait and see.... if a flagship with W10 is released within 2015, i will be surprised!
  • Yesterday microsoft confirmed that they will release a flagship as soon as W10 is ready to go i.e late summer :/
  • Yes, I know... But for sure! This will be delayed as always!
    My guess is 2016...,
  • If they do so , then it will go in against of microsoft
  • So pointless to watch?
  • Can anyone help with where I can watch the live presentation going on "developing universal app for windows" ...please..
  • Windows phone owner... But u cant watch MS live events, u can't get MS products first hand, u can't get support frm google( crapdroids hv full spprt frm ms), n list goes on n on... Still a wp owner... P.S- i m a fool :D
  • Using lumia 625, I was able to watch it for about 10min, then network error. Let me try once more.
  • I watched it. Liked L640xl the most
  • Did they announced anything about denim update on my 630 in India .
  • Why would they waste time on a presentation to talk about one old phone in one country? Stupid question.
  • Now i dont see the links posted via the wpcentral app. Sometimes, its not just msft, :(
  • That woman speaks WAY TO FAST! Irritating.
  • I thought the other guy was more irritating :D
  • How about you get up in front of the world and demo some tech preview software. I'm guessing you'd be a disaster. But it's easy to criticize, isn't it?
  • Settings sorting is much better in Windowsphone 8.1 GDR2 which was showed in 640 and 640 XL . Well Microsoft Lumia 640 XL will be my next by replacing with my present Lumia 1320
  • Down to 1.2Ghz from 1.7 makes sense?
  • going from 2 cores to 4... makes sense... look at the benchmarks between the 830 and 920 - core speed isn't everything.
  • I don't understand why these videos can't be made available as VOD on the Xbox Live for a living room experience. Yes, I know that you can cast it to the Xbox, but all the same, it should be a VOD on the Xbox Live Event App. Which itself should be renamed to MS Event App with Windows 10 coming to all devices.
  • More budget phones, and no flagship in site?
  • Steven mentioned flagship phones are coming later this year with the release of Windows 10. Very clearly stated in the video.
  • Don't bring facts into this discussion!  The no flagship peeps don't want to hear that!  BTW - anyone who expected to hear anything other than what was stated should have also expected to be disappointed since we've known for months now that no new flagships are coming until win10 is available.
  • Why doesn't the Windows Central phone app provide a link to the video?
  • Sorry, there is a "link" but it isn't under the Video header like it typically is. It is under the "links" > "External".
    I just watched it on my Lumia 822. Thankfully we will be getting an upgrade to the Office Apps on our Windows Phone.
  • Basically, nothing In the event was new except the launch of the 640 series which is a welcome step indeed. They could have at least announced GDR2 availability. The new touch Office features and the universal apps sync model have been detailed enough during the January event.
  • Agree completely.  Was basically a non-event, which is sad since there was so much excitement generated last month.  They should have just shown the 640 and 640XL and then shown off the office suite apps in more detail.  
  • what i like is the integration betweeen all devices and loving the new outlook, cant wait for the WP 10 and a new flagship phone
  • This where MS fails... its not 'Ediot Proof'!!! You need to techy or geeky to use MS products... where iPhone and Android can be used by anyone (including ediots) on the street....
  • Can you enlighten me on how one need to be geeky to use it? Everything is right before your very eyes and you can even dictate to write a text or email (revealed in an other conference before), and many more intuitive great features,.... Unless you are blind or mute, then ok.
  • I use my 1520 exclusively for work and for me these features that I look forward to... but majority of people use mobles only for their social networking....through facebook, instagram etc. for them these features exists or not does not make any difference....  You don't need to get judgemental on any person... evryone has their own perceptive on different things and that should be respected...
  • but neither of your comments make any sense soooooo....
  • I'm a heavy Facebook and Instagram user, and I have not yet found any difficulty using those services on a Windows Phone. Of course, Facebook on Windows Phone doesn't have those floating chat bubbles and Messenger inter grated to Facebook (yet) but who cares because we are basic users, aren't we? And iPhone and Android UIs for FB are dead confusing to my eyes. 6tag suits my Instagram need perfectly and agruably, it's even better than the official Instagram from the other 2 platforms (I don't talk about the one for Windows Phone here as it is still in BETA). And again, I'm a basic user, so I would choose the one that suits me better, whether it's official or not, wouldn't I? So what you said is purely about the thing that you are used with. I'm used with Windows, so I found Windows to be much easier to use. If you have never used a WP or iPhone, you will find the two hard to use. It took me hours to activate Siri and get to the multi-tasking screen without a user manual and I haven't had full grasp about how to use an Android or iPhone to this day, although I've got plenty of times to play with both. And it took me approx 5 - 10 mins to customise my Lumia when I first played with it. So I don't know about how easier iPhone or Android is to use compared to WP. P/s: I did not judge you but your strong language when you made your prejudice. My friends also had their false impression about WP when they first saw me using it. But after a few rows, they all changed their opinions. "Why is your phone so unstable? I've never seen my friend's phone crashes even for once" That was literally what she said to her boyfriend when his new 5S kept on crashing when using Messenger.
  • So I didn't need to watch it live
  • "The 640 will ship with Windows Phone 8.1 but will be fully upgradeable to Windows 10." Stephen Elop's words. So tell me why they can't release a flagship in the same manner? A phone built for the future released now.smh
    Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Microsoft is not making alot of money with flagship phones
  • Well that's sad but they and carrier exclusives are somewhat to blame as well maybe. But I really want to make a return to Windows Phone this year but I will not stand for more exclusives nd I will not choose a Microsoft flagship over what's currently available if they don't deliver. Here's hoping for a Lumia 1020 successor for all. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • And next, when W10 comes you'll be crying there hardware is already old. They're waiting to release new hardware with an OS that supports it. Now if half of you trolling this subject would actually be buying such a device it would be great. But mist of you are just the type collecting folders and pretend to know/own the tech.,
  • But if it's made by Microsoft then they already have knowledge of what Windows 10 is capable of. I'm not a troll btw. I was a day one HTC Radar owner who previously owned the Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, Nokia Lumia 920 and 1020 through the span of four years so I think I know a lot about using Windows Phone. If Microsoft would release a flagship phone today with specs for the years ahead that wasn't an ATT/Verizon exclusive, I would drop my Sony Xperia Z3 for that device in a heartbeat. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Waiting for Lumia1020's successor with today's specs.It would for sure shock the mobile industry,Isn't it?
  • As I said, they should make a phone with future specs like newer Snapdragon processors and maybe 3gb of ram and release the darn thing. There isn't any technology that's not already readily available that the next flagship or maybe 1020 successor isn't going to use.
  • Because development of a flagship device for a brand new operating system takes time. Or perhaps you'd like a half-hearted effort now in exchange for being pissed off later when a fully developed device is released with features you didn't get on your rushed device.
  • Well let them continue to take their sweet old time while the excitement for this platform continues to dwindle away. I just want my 1020 successor or better yet I just may purchase a 1020 sometime soon. That picture quality isn't going away. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • The address bar should be at the bottom of the screen only for mobile devices (tablets and phones) but for PCs it should stay at the top
  • +Lumia1030XL ;)
  • boring presentation, nothing new.
  • I want to change my 920 for a high-end Windows phone, I like the Htc one but I still hope the lumia 1030 or something as well, Microsoft is taking too long to launch a new top level phone
  • Oh look. The fat worm Eflop is back... Where's the guy that presented at IFA? He was way better and didn't cause as much nausea...even on this bland uninteresting event.
  • why bing mp and here maps is seperately?
  • Watched the vid on L920. No sweat
  • Thank God it wasn't on youtube since youtube is blocked in my country. Because of MS's servers, I was able to stream it on my Lumia 730. Yay for Microsoft!
    Now to some points that I noticed:
    1) Outlook app having customizable gestures. Seems to me that Microsoft is listening. Maybe they will give us variety of customizable UI options too without compromising either the existing UI or upcoming functionality.
    2) Synchronized universal apps across devices through a Microsoft account. Maybe we are in for a treat and we may be able to respond to our phone communications from PC and vice versa. Are you listening Microsoft?
    3) Synchronised devices. This is perhaps the best one of all. Skype integration between tablet and hololens or between a tablet and surface hub is nothing sort of magical. Imagine how many people could work on a single project with a seem less experience, each using their own device may it be a Lumia, surface pro, surface hub, holo lens or a surface(windows 10) PC.
    Now this is Microsoft using their years of experience in productivity and collaboration not only to enhance enterprise work but to help consumers too. I mean this is the way forward. Bring these shared experiences to XBox entertainment services. Also, please introduce an online book store with an integrated universal book reading app for students and general consumers alike. This is the power of cloud and mobility. Mobile first, cloud first, cross platform & cross devices integration at its finest. Satya the Man.
  • I'm interested with the Microsoft Office update and outlook email new format.
  • You would not really want to call this rushed mess an "event", would you?!
    The only remarkable thing about it was my impression that Miss White is an alumn of the "Joe B. School for speech and gesture". ^.^
  • MS has nothing great to show off these while.
  • We are looking at another 6 months for a flagship and my 1020 has a cracked screen (in addition to its awful lag and stutter).  MS introduces hundreds of low end devices, confusingly numbered, not universal, targeted to countries and gimped on demand of carriers.  Hello Galaxy S6 Edge.  I won't be surprised to see Nadella kill the WP entirely in the next 12 months like RT, they seem to have just given up. 
  • Good luck with the Galaxy Edge, looks like a nice phone. See it has no SD card and a smaller battery to run a Quad HD screen, hope that works out fine. Oh, and a case to stop the side screen from scratching sounds essential. I'm waiting for the flagship Lumia Phone with Windows 10. If my Surface Pro 3 is anything to go by, then it will be worth the wait.
  • The Lumia flagship either be the king of the cellphone market or be the.......
  • I wish they would release the new versions of office apps now - even if they put them out as beta versions. Windows phone needs these apps to encourage businesses to switch to Microsoft phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, totally agreed since MS didn't provide much OS improve.
  • Had to watch the replay as it was nigh on impossible to watch live, constant buffering, scrobbling didn't when not in full screen (embedded player has no controls when in full screen). All in all the player was atrocious.
    I'm intrigued they launched the 640 XL, I hope this means they are tidying up the line up... Also the merge of the calendar app and outlook.. that was surprising. As the switching process is not necessarily any different, just a little streamlined.
  • Content with my Icon running Denim, LTE with Straight Talk 45$ a month. This phone flat out rock's. It's comporable to a S5 so If you think about it were in the same boat as most Android owners.
  • What this video really brings to light is just how utterly and completely the new Office universal apps destroy any and all mobile office competition. The integration with email is just the icing on the cake.  This is shaping up to be great. I hope MS keeps throwing these innovations into the OS.  Can't wait to see a premium device with wireless charging and--hopefully--a five to 6 inch premium Surface style phone with a stylus thin bezels (more screen on smaller phones!) and metro style multitasking capabilities to compete with the Note series in a meaningful way.  Make better use of all that screen real estate, Microsoft!
  • The interested part is Microsoft Office and Outlook new capability but do remember the keyboard (or I just say HOW SMART IS THE KEYBOARD WORKS IN EVERY LANGUAGES) is super important for us since typing more than talking for us nowadays.