Mixer Create app for mobile streaming drops its beta tag

Mixer Create app for mobile streaming drops its beta tag

Microsoft has officially moved its Mixer Create mobile app out of beta status, meaning it's ready for prime time. In a new post on the Mixer blog, the team explains that the Android and iOS app has ditched its beta tag and is now ready for anyone to jump in and start streaming.

We went hands-on with Mixer Create shortly after it entered beta earlier this year, and we found it to be a pretty capable, if basic, little app. Unlike the standard Mixer app, this one isn't for viewing. Instead, Mixer Create can be used by streamers to broadcast on the go. That, of course, includes the ability to vlog while you're out and about, but, more interestingly, you can also stream mobile games from your phone or tablet as well.

Mixer Create also supports one of the service's latest features, co-streaming. To recap, co-streaming allows streamers to stream together as part of a single broadcast experience. Currently, you can receive and accept invitations to join a co-stream in the app. A future update will allow you to initiate co-streams with others.

The app can also work as a chat companion while streaming on other platforms, and your settings can be managed from the app as well.

As we noted in our hands-on, Windows 10 users are left out here, which is really a shame. But if you're looking to give Mixer streaming a shot on the go, you can get Mixer Create on Google Play and the App Store now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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