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'Mixer Go' for Windows 10 becomes 'Mixplay' in big update

Microsoft's streaming service Mixer still doesn't have an official app for Windows 10, but third-party app Mixer Go has managed to fill that niche nicely for most. Today, the app received a pretty significant update, being rebuilt from the ground up with several new features and a new name: Mixplay for Mixer (opens in new tab).

The update takes the app up to version and includes a complete redesign, support for Mixer's low-latency "Faster Than Light" (FTL) streaming protocol, HypeZone channels, and more. Here's the full rundown of what's new:

  • Complete redesign of the application
  • FTL support
  • Mixer Season 2 support
  • HypeZone channels
  • Clips

Mixplay version is available now from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

See at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • So beautiful. I like how they redesigned it
  • nice ill have to download it again. sometimes mixer doesn't work well in some browsers so I hit control f5 and if I still have issues I switch browsers untill one works.
  • Still had to turn off low latency to hear :(
  • I think Ms will flag this name
  • Doubt it, though if they do that's kinda pathetic when they even don't make Mixer app to their own platform. It is really a confusing message on how they promote UWP or at least making a great example on making apps to Windows 10, even without smartphones showing developers that they care are enough to give confidence for 3rd-party developers investing on UWP.
  • Uwp is dead. The dream of Uwp is being better suited by pwa and the same tech that powers the new windows sandbox feature. They're only going to improve that over time and I can see them automatically containerizing win32 programs in the future for devs who won't or can't make their software pwa.
  • UWP is not dead, UWP is more than just apps on the Windows store. Plus PWA is not capable of handling complex applications and the infrastructure is nowhere near what is required for complex apps to be turned in PWAs.
  • I see no indication UWP is capable of handling complex applications either. Microsoft themselves rarely use UWP for their applications.
  • What are you talking about??
    All the new system components of Windows 10 like Settings, Calculator, Groove, Mail, Calender, Alarm Clock etc. are UWP.
  • MS is less of a d*ck than people think. If its something that good, MS will buy it :P
  • "Less of" is still "some of" and not to be confused with "not"
  • So does it still need all these permissions the previous version needed, Account access and password change and others.?
  • Nope, new version doesn't need all that.
  • Wait, I thought this was the official Microsoft app.
  • Nope it's not and there isn't a official LinkedIn UWP app either.