MMORPG 'Black Desert Online' targeting native 4K resolution on Xbox One X

Black Desert Online is a third-person action game by Korean developer Pearl Abyss. The title can be classified as a sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which offers players unprecedented freedom. You need to love exploration and be able to engage challenging enemies in a heartbeat if you want to succeed.

The game takes place in a fantasy setting and revolves around the conflict between the rival nations of Calpheon and Valencia. Black stones are a precious commodity and Calpheon doesn't have any way of mining them due to its geographical location. This causes the desperate nation to launch raids into other territories, particularly Valencia, which holds the vast Black Desert with a near-infinite amount of stones.

At E3 2017, Microsoft announced that the game would be launching on Xbox One in 2018. While we still don't have a concrete release date, the developer did provide some details about the console version.

Getting the Black Desert engine to work on Xbox One has been relatively straightforward... Of course, getting it to run is only a fraction of our work, and the rest of the time is making sure that it works well... Our current targets for performance of the game on... Xbox One S... 1080p 30 FPS... Xbox One X... 2160p 30 FPS... Our targets are easily achieved out in the open field, but in high population areas we've had some difficulty managing these numbers... We are still working on optimizing the game, so that we can provide a better gaming experience for our users. This means these numbers are definitely subject to change... We were very impressed by what the Xbox can offer at its price point.

Since Black Desert Online appears to be a graphically-intensive experience, hopefully Pearl Abyss will utilize a dynamic rendering solution which automatically lowers the resolution when it senses a dip in performance. However, maybe the team will come up with another way to get better results in populated areas. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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  • Any word on it being cross platform play? Would be nice to see a Windows Store version released at the same time. I only really say that since the steam version is just their online store version bundled around a steam cdkey anyway, but it'd be pretty cool to play with xbox friends on the PC. The game is really bad for FPS issues in general, at least on my PC, so hopefully they iron a lot of those issues out to make it much more enjoyable to play. Still, a really fun game that places it self firmly inbetween World of Warcraft and GuildWars 2.
  • I’m looking forward to this, whenever it finally makes its way out.