Modern Combat 5 now available on Windows Phone [Updated]

Earlier this week we announced that the long-awaited Modern Combat 5: Blackout would be launching on mobile Windows platforms on the same day-and-date as the Android and iOS versions. In the past, Gameloft titles typically arrived on Windows Phone months or even years later than other platforms (just look at Real Soccer!). This year, long-awaited titles like Heroes of Order & Chaos and Order & Chaos Duels finally came over, and new titles will release at the same time as they do on competing platforms. Progress!

Modern Combat 5 is now available on Windows Phone as promised (the Windows 8 version should arrive later today). The Windows Phone version requires at least 1 GB of RAM. Top-end 3D graphics need plenty of memory in order to function, which shouldn't surprise anybody. None of the versions support Xbox Live, something we all should have gotten over a year ago. The game rings up at $6.99 – a fair price for a full console-quality campaign and extensive online multiplayer. Oh, and it supports Moga controllers!

Call of Combat

The Modern Combat series is Gameloft's answer to Call of Duty. It's a good thing Gameloft makes these titles because Activision only seems interested in publishing slimmed-down Call of Duty games on mobile, omitting key features like online multiplayer. And Activision doesn't support Windows Phone or Windows 8 anyway, so we'd be out of luck without Gameloft and Modern Combat!

The Modern Combat 5 campaign plays very much like a genuine Call of Duty game, with fully-voiced cut scenes bringing the story to life. The new campaign features much shorter missions than Modern Combat 4, making them more appropriate for mobile play.

Players will not only run and gun as a soldier on foot, they'll also man turrets and control drones. The occasional "quick time events" in which a series of directions must be swiped correctly return, for better or worse. Players now receive a star rating upon completing campaign missions, increasing their replay value.

New to Modern Combat 5 are single-player Spec Ops missions. These provide bite-sized challenges as opposed to full levels. Gamers can replay them to receive higher star ratings, just like in the campaign. Spec Ops is especially suited to quick bursts of play when you're on the go.

Finally, Modern Combat 5 offers a full online multiplayer mode. Up to 12 players can participate in four competitive game types: Free for all, Team battle, Capture the flag, and VIP. The game also supports squads, which work a lot like clans. Squads can participate in limited time squad-versus-squad events in order to earn big rewards.

Online only

Although Modern Combat 5 is a premium game with no in-app purchases, it still requires an internet connection in order to play. Yes, you need to be online even during the single-player portions of the game. The online requirement is simply a form of DRM (digital rights management) meant to prevent people from playing pirated copies of the game. Presumably player save data is stored on the cloud under this setup though – a big plus. (Somebody test cloud support and let us know!)

Personally, I don't find the requirement very inconvenient, but everyone's internet situations will vary. At least Gameloft is up front about the requirement on the game's store page.

Modern Combat 5 now available on Windows Phone

Combat begins

Modern Combat 5 is a huge game, and also a huge vote of faith in Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT from Gameloft. Not everybody wants to play a big console-style game on their phones and tablets, especially one with complex touch screen controls. But if you do crave the Call of Duty experience on the go, that's what you'll get from Modern Combat 5.

Note that the Windows Phone version has to download some extra data the first time it is launched. The additional file must be pretty small though, as it completed in seconds for me.

We'll update with the Windows 8 and RT Store link once it becomes available, and stay tuned for our full review! If you can't download the Windows Phone version yet, give it some time to roll out across all supported regions.


Good news, controller fans! Modern Combat 5 for Windows Phone supports Moga controllers! I just tested it myself.

  • Modern Combat 5 – Windows Phone 8 – 776MB – $6.99 – Store Link

QR: Modern combat 5

512MB Not Supported

Thanks to Abhinav N for the tip!

Paul Acevedo

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  • Not available for my device?! Lumia 1520!
  • I played it on my Lumia 1520 a few minutes ago. It might not have gone live in your region yet. Try again in a few hours.
  • Sent in a tip a while ago. Thought I I'll get an acknowledgement...#sad face#
  • Your a victory lap. :\
  • Sorry, just added thanks (not sure if the first tipster was you or not.)
  • What if he was not and the guy who first tipped is sad now? wouldnt even add it afterwards.. attention whoring at its best from those tipsters
  • Well, it's our policy to thank the first tipster. The omission was just an oversight.
  • Noted sir. I guess I wasn't the first tipster.
  • It works on my Ativ S. I'm running 8.1 preview so unless its for 8.1 & not wp8 atm maybe btw I'm in uk
  • M thinking of getting 525 will it be compatible on it ..???
  • Yes, although you'd want to have an SD card for storage since the game takes up almost a gigabyte (and would require about 3 GB of free space during the installation process).
  • Ohkkk thnx for d advice :)
  • Ooohh noooo I'm crying because modern combat isn't available for my Nokia Asha (no)
  • It's not even available for my legendary Nokia 1280 :( better stick with Snake Xenzia....
  • Most awaited!!
  • Noooooo, I need more space AND to complete MC4. If only we had cloud saves I'd delete 4 in an instant. Come on ms, use them 300k servers
  • Its up to Gameloft to enable cloud saves via Microsoft's servers. Gameloft is content with using Facebook or no cloud saves at all. I wish cloud saves were automatic once we opt in, that Windows Phone would scan the device memory and back up the save file even if the developer doesn't opt in. There are many technical hurdles to pass before an "all in" cloud save is possible (game saves in different locations, developer resistance due to contractual obligations) but it would be nice though.
  • Also, Modern Combat 4 and most Xbox WP games are simply never going to be updated. So any hope of cloud saves in those titles is just in vain.
  • "Most Xbox WP games are simply never going to be updated" that's one of the most depressing things about WP, and sadly it's true and it is that way for a lot of apps as well...
  • That's why it would be better if we just ditch the Xbox altogether. Developers simply are not interested. You can only push something so far and MS tried to push this like, a lot.
  • Microsoft and every game developer out there have already ditched it. It's just a small number of users who can't get used to the idea.
  • Thanks all, guess its either complete mc4 and delete or simply just delete
  • It's not free though right? As far as I can remember you had to pay for it.
  • -620
  • +620 Buy a high-end device for games!
  • How many times are we going to hear this directed to 630/530 owners in the future, yet right now all you hear is how fantastic these phones are......
  • Any Windows Phone with less than 1 GB of RAM is definitely not fantastic for gaming.
  • +820
  • Finally!!!
  • Awesome! This looks really cool and thanks to Gameloft for keeping their promise. Wishing more than ever that I had bought a 1GB ram phone. :D
    P.S:-I'm not complaining about the ram,I'm just wishing that there was a 1Gb ram phone available in my price range when I bought my 620
  • Buy a 525 maybe? Sell your 620
  • Meh,525 is so obsolete now,and no Front-facing camera or flash,not something I'd like to sacrifice just for 1GB ram.I love my 620 and my only problem is ram.Personally I'm hoping for a 1GB ram Lumia 730 or 830 ^_^
  • That's the spirit! :D
  • Pirated copy ???
    What they mean by that !! There is no other place to download this except MS store -_-
  • Umm... There is but I wont mention it since I don't support piracy
  • Yeah I don't know what is meant by this either, as people can still play the cracked version of game on Android.
  • You can download crack version free on Lumia 520, though you need developers unlock phone..(no guarantee for viruses)
  • I don't think piracy is tolerated on this website so I advise you not to give any instructions/hints
  • Exactly!
  • Telling how to pull a trigger doesnt mean you are supporting murder, does it?
  • Shh lets keep this clean :)
  • I assume that is related to Android.
  • Immediately grabbed my copy. Can't wait to check it out right after work. Too bad though that Gameloft hasn't jump on the universal app bandwagon yet allowing us to pay once and download to our phones and tablets/PCs.
  • Yeah :(
  • Now downloading! Game on
  • Dont cry 1 GB ram was expected.
  • Yes, I have 520. Bur I won't cry. Because this game really needs 1 Gb of ram. I don't expect for my phone
  • Yup,obviously
    P.S:-I own a 512mb ram phone and I'm not complaining
  • I don't complain too I complain about retard games that should work on 512 ram but they didn't
  • It's not polite to use the word retard as an insult. Also, you can't expect every game to work on 512 MB devices. Especially large and graphically intensive games like this one.
  • Say what? It's running ultra-smoothly on my Lumia 630 :cool: (just kidding)
  • As funny as it may seem the game is running ultra smooth on my friend's Asus ZENFONE 5 and it costs less than 10000.:looks at 720 in despair: 
  • New version Skype fo Android. WP still wait, and wait
  • Dont know wat the Skype team,is doing with wp. Nadella needs to tell them to focus on windows phone too if they have forgotten. Skype is the only Microsoft app which is not good on their own platform except for video calling which is main and best feature and now with Cortana integration I don't require to open Skype separately.
  • Better don't expect that from Salty Nut-ella :3
  • music ....
  • Well...could make our mobiles heated up..
  • And shooter games aren't meant for touch or mobile gaming.
  • That's an opinion clearly not shared by Gameloft or people who are excited for this title.
  • I think that criticism has become less relevant given how many successful touch controlled first person games exist on mobile now. I mean Modern Combat alone is on 5. They wouldn't keep making them if people weren't enjoying and buying.
  • If the modern combat series were pure FPS, I'd be able to agree... But they've nerfed the requirement for skill well enough with extreme assisted aiming to make it work on mobiles.
  • Exactly. I wonder if aim assist can be turned off on the PC version or if Gameloft has tweaked the game to work proper with a mouse and keyboard. I own Battlefield 4 Premium and have a custom gaming computer but I would buy MC5 on PC to show my support for Gameloft taking Windows and Windows Phone seriously by putting their money, time and development resources into action.
  • We need a windows Phone compatible controller lol maybe it works with the Xbox controller
  • Such an awesome game.
  • Yeh baby
    Gonna have some fun now
  • Meanwhile 512Mb devices owner switched to p0rn. xD
  • Is it available in Spain? My phone is in U.S. For trying Cortana but I'm from Spain. I pay with my Movistar account and for that I need to have my phone in Spanish.
  • About time, I just finished playing MC4. Ahoy!
  • Someone with 920? Is mc5 smooth?
  • Nice & Smooth ;)
    8.1 preview
  • I didn't get it (yet) but don't expect it.... Even mc4 was not "smooth" on 920. It didn't lag, but not smooth IMO. "Smooth" is relative.... for me, a minimum of ~40 fps is required for that feel, but real smoothness is @ 60+fps.
  • Online only requirement is unfortunate, I often like playing mobile games on planes and trains with less than reliable internet
  • Very much this. I hope its just a one-time connection to play each time and not a constant thing.
  • Perfect!! Thx for information :::)))
  • I'll be real glad when Microsoft reforms the mobile Xbox Live experience... that's the only thing that defined WP gaming from the rest and they've made it so inaccessible that devs can't even get into it. Neither Apple nor Google make it THIS hard to support their social gaming medium. With XBL, i may have been compelled to pay their asking price... without XBL, I'll just wait for it's inevitable drop to $0.99.
  • Though I really like XBOX tittles, but XBOX Live games come with some limitations: No true cross-platforms are supported and unable to access leaderboards via Facebook.
  • Lies. There are plenty of Xbox games on WP that access Facebook for such things. That said, Facebook integration is anathema. XBL is sufficient.
  • Plenty might be an exaggeration. 10 games or less maybe?
  • Downloading...............
    Done! (lol speed :P)
  • Hey now please provide modern combat4 for free....
  • Impossible, unless you're using an 1520...
  • Really want to have a try. But get no money
  • Job = money = win
  • Money + win = double/triple money 3:)
  • Ok downloading. I wonder how will it look on my Icon? I'm not too comfortable with the requirement of internet connection to play. There are times, when I've got free time but no internet connection. But oh well. I'm sure it will run on a 4G network.
  • Maybe not, it will probably demand that you are on a WiFi connection =/
  • Downloading in Norway :) 
  • If you aren't playing online, you can also use the Vodafone super 1G, the internet connection would be required for checking hacks, versions...
  • 1G still exists? O.o
  • Yes!! Downloading now... Well after I delete half of my other crap to make enough room 925
  • After seeing both Rival Knights and GT racing crash non-stop (Knights no longer boots) with no sign of updates seen yet, there is no way I'm dumping $7 blindly on a game, with very little hope that it wont follow the same suit.
  • Now onwards we will get gameloft games as soon as it release.. Thats good..
  • Wtf??? Cant buy from store since MS updated store. Use to go on my monthly payment bill. Obviously don't want $$$ MS you fukn skunk. This game cant be played unless you are connected to internet.... Have to download to my Nexus 7..... Android ftw..... Was excited to see this game on my 1080 screen lumia 930/icon. Why did they remove ability to pay on bill? WHY :'(
  • The Android version requires an online connection as well.
  • Yeah thanks Paul. Think its my fault for using Cortana.... Change region back and should be able to buy.... I hope.
  • Will it would be smooth in Lumia 525 or it will lag
  • does this work on windows 8 tablets?
  • can't download ...... needed 1 GB Ram .... grrrrrrrr
  • Buy a high-end phone for games. Please.
  • OH and I suppose Asus Zenfone 5 and moto G are highend? /sarcasm
  • High-end and sold at a loss by both Google and Asus. Do you know that? /Double sarcasm
  • LOL.Moto is sold at a loss but not Asus XD.Asus ios not a Google company
  • Moto G has 1 GB ram.
  • no trial, no party
  • Oh man, internet connection needed is a minus. I would be able to play this game just at home. :(
  • That kind of defeats the point of mobile gaming, ne?
  • Yes, I agree. Not all countries have great mobile data services offered.
  • is this game present in egypt?  
  • If it is not a universal app or no Xbox achievements I will stit it out until its on sale. Btw we need Xbox one controller support for win phone and rt!
  • I will only buy if it is universal app and support keyboard properly.
  • Anyone know how this runs on a Lumia 920?
  • Do a video Daniel !!
  • Huge game like GTA does not require internet so why does this game need it? It's still over 700mb... Very suspect this gameloft mob...
  • The online requirement is not due to the size of the game... I explained why they implemented it in the story. It is a downer.
  • Wtf! Bloody hell with the online requirement.... Gameloft sucks big time with this!
  • They kept to their promise, well can't play it because of the price, not that I can't afford it, but here in my country is hard buying things online, I have many apps and games I would to purchase but I can't **sad**
  • Is mc5 gamepad supported?
  • Yep, also want to know if gamepad is supported. Tried MC4 and Nova but just don't like FPS at all with onscreen. I'd buy a Moga in a flash if was supported as could see myself playing on business trips/holiday.
  • Downloaded ok, also downloaded first data file ok, after that loads till it reaches 100%, waits a few seconds with spinning rod and gives no internet connection error. My phone is connected through wifi and lte, both connections are on and ok, why the hell it gives me this error? Tried to exit and load game again, but error persists. Using lumia 1320...
  • Same here, ATT Lumia 1520, WP 8.1 Preview for Developers. I haven't been able to play. I guess I'll get ready for work. :)
  • I have the same issue on htc 8x!
  • Please Windows 8.1 now :D keyboard and mouse I suppose will be supported like in Blitz Brigade from Gameloft.. But wonder if it's cross platform.. I mean the Windows version.. If not, I'd rather get it on my Nexus 7 .. I'm more like into Multiplayer
  • I was gonna download this immediately until I saw there was no free trial. I'm not really good at FPS games, and I wanted to see how the controls worked before purchasing. I'll check and see if there's any vids on YouTube or something before purchasing.
  • Try installing "blitz brigade" (free download) to try it out. It has the same mechanics in terms of controls. They're highy customizable so you can actually place on-screen buttons whereever you like, and make them as big or as small as you wish.
  • Will they make MC4 Free?
  • No, paid Xbox Live games never become permanently free. They did give a free version out to certain Nokia owners a while back though.
  • Especially Gameloft Xbox Live games, which somehow end up costing more money over the long run, like the previously $1 Asphalt 7 which got jacked up to $5 and is currently availble this week as the "Red Stripe Deal of the Week" for the insulting price of "twice what it used to cost".
  • No demo - no money. Anyway, there's most definitely nothing much to be interested in FPS on a phone. Wish they make a Win8 version that supports mouse&KB to play on my surface RT.
  • There is no need to wish for that. Read the article. ~ ~
  • Read the article again, carefully this time, found not a word on mouse/kb support for W8, did I miss something?
  • I mean found nothing on both support/no support.
  • Sorry, I thought you were simply wishing that they would release a Windows 8/RT version at all. But yeah, said versions do have to support mouse and keyboard or else they wouldn't be compatible with Windows 8 PCs. They will also support controllers.
  • Yes, that what you said about PCs truly makes sense. But still there is a chance they will act like Disney with dragons adventure (touch only), so I just wish they won't ;)
  • Can't understand the point for fps on console... And now mobile phone :-o keyboard and mouse thanks. Looks fan nice tho for being mobile!
  • Sometimes I really get bored of playing fps on PC, so these kind of games are welcome :)
  • Why Downup, the point is that people like to run around and shoot stuff.
  • No try, no buy
  • Yes
  • Wifi/cellular data is on and still not log in game. Lumia 1020
  • Same problem, still reports that i don't have internet connection WiFi/Cellular no difference... paid fucking money for it and cannot play it now...
  • Have you tried restarting the device?
  • After restarting phone still the same
  • Yes. Didn't help at all.   Lumia 1520
  • Aww, that stinks. I hope they fix the problem quickly.
  • Same here. Time for some negative reviews!
  • Why is there no demo?
  • Connection failed, I can't play, I think it's because of my 4g, actually it is H+
  • It's not just you. I cant play either. 50Mbps WiFi and home and ATT LTE and the game says there isn't an internet connection. I'll just try again later.
  • Yes, I have 100mb, my wifi has no problems, but I can't play
  • Could be Universal, but, great!
  • I guess we should get over apps that are just web wrappers too just because they are on WP, right?
  • Not a perfect comparison, because a web-wrapper app presumably provides a worse experience compared to the same app you'd get on other platforms. Non-Xbox games are (generally) identical to the same games on other platforms, as is the case with this one.
  • How much space it's taking after installation can anyone tell me plzz
  • Jealous with devices having 1gb ram...
  • No trial, no Xbox Live and 6.99? LOL They better keep their arses on the chairs while they wait for me to download the game. Next.
  • You shouldnt need a trial for obivous high quality titles like these,i bought it just to support Gameloft who released it just a day after the Android Version
  • Good for you. I don't support Gameloft just like they don't support Xbox games anymore. Even less when those non-Xbox games cost 7€ without a trial.
  • 512 ram not supported
  • Can't said I have connection problems-HTC 8x with wp8.1
  • Same issue here. L920 WP8.1 DP, on WiFi.
  • how much space required if sideloading? Anyone?
  • Will put on the surface 2 won't buy twice. IR should be buy once for both platforms. Great to see it though.
  • Can't load the game. It gets stuck in the first level loading screen after loading shaders. Can't connect to server. Wonder if they can't handle the capacity of three OS releases
  • Good point.
  • Please make it for 512 ram
  • I wish that there was a demo for version 4 and 5.
  • Waiting for pirated version....hehehe
  • No xbox-live?
  • nope :( Gameloft doesn't care about us Xbox gamers
  • Patiently waited for this from the first day the news of it coming broke but just reading that it requires "an internet connection in order to play" just killed off my joy. Why the heck do I need an internet connection for single player mode? Incase y'all (Gameloft and whom-so-ever-it-may-concern) don't know yet, data is still very expensive in this part of the world. (Nigeria)
  • Awesome game played on my Lumia 1520
  • Okay so it looks like Modern Combat 5 is gonna be buy once and play on both windows phone 8.* and windows 8.*. So thrilled, because the game freezes a bit on m 920, so now as soon as its available to download, i'm gonna put this on my surface 2  
  • Thank You Paul Acevedo for the Update.
    Now that's what Im talking about, Buying!
  • Getting it on my L1520 updated with Cyan and my SP3. Can't wait to play it.
  • Was hoping for a update with Xbox, but I guess some can dream, no Xbox, no buy #SaveXboxWP For all those with 8.1 and 512mb devices, check ur local pirate WP site, I would bet by now its been hacked (512/1gb is a registry change) for 512mb devices. Not that I support it but I know GTA was out in less than 24 hours with 512mb support. Just because they do a hack does not mean its optimized foe 512mb, so u could have prpblems
  • Encouraging piracy is not appropriate here, David.