Modern Dad on the Huawei Matebook D 14

This video was sponsored by Huawei. All opinions are of the dad and daughters themselves.

She said she wanted a silver metal laptop for Christmas. I don't know if the Huawei Matebook D 14 was what she had in mind. And I don't know, really, what she might think, being that neither her nor her younger sister uses a Windows machine with any regularity. And, frankly, neither do I.

But that's part of why I came away as impressed as I did. From the keyboard that was plenty good, and the trackpad that surpassed my expectations, to the basic day-to-day performance, the Matebook D 14 did just fine. Sure, the 1080pl screen is a lower resolution than what I'd prefer. But the price tag (just north of $600) was definitely something more my speed when it comes to an everyday laptop for the family to use whenever. This didn't need to be a hardcore video production machine, or survive much gaming beyond Minecraft. (But certainly the Ryzen 5 processor could handle more than what we threw at it, even the 8 gigabytes of RAM could quickly become a bottleneck.)

Funny thing, though, was that I forgot about the touchscreen. (My work machine doesn't have one.) The kids, though, went right for it, and they displayed nary a concern.

Basically, the Matebook D 14 performed exactly how someone who lives in a web browser most of the day needed it to.

So were they impressed? (These are kids. That's a tall order.) They definitely were when I walked them through Dolby Atmos, and how sound can grow from a purely linear experience to something that seems to envelop you. (Yes, that's exactly how I talk to them.) And they had good context for it, having recently watched Infinity War in Dolby Atmos. You could almost see the lightbulb go on over the elder daughter's head as the surprisingly loud speakers did their thing, floating audio "objects" above the machine.

So, yeah. The Matebook D 14 was a pretty solid machine for the price. And it even managed to score Dad a few points.

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