MonsterUp Adventures gets a major update, plus a Windows 8 game

The original MonsterUp, an endless jumping game from Karios Games, received a ton of updates over its lifetime. Its sequel MonsterUp Adventures has long been due for an update, and now it’s finally gotten one. We’re pleased to have had a hand in the features list for this update, not unlike our contributions to the recent Gerbil Physics patch. That aside, this one in particular really tightens up MonsterUp Adventures and makes it a much more enjoyable game.

Check out our impressions and two scoops of MonsterUp Windows 8 news after the break.

MonsterUp Adventures version 1.2 release notes:

  • Shorter levels (~5 minutes)
  • Easier levels overall
  • 20% more diamonds in each level
  • 20% more rubies in each level
  • Faster results screen
  • Faster boss defeat animation
  • Fixed high score loading delay bug
  • Removed local option in high scores
  • Menu animations tweak
  • Few optimizations here and there
  • New game font
  • New email keyboard

From tough love to a gentler touch

Prior to the update, MonsterUp Adventures was tremendously difficult. After a few levels, spiked platforms started appearing in abundance. It’s like there was a super good sale on spikes at the store and so the developer bought way more than he really needed. Considering how jumping games like MonsterUp give players less control over where and how fast they jump than a traditional platformer, the spike situation made things far too tricky.

Thankfully Karios dialed down the spikes dramatically in this update. Not only that, but the levels are now a much more appropriate length for a mobile game. As a result, I went back to a level I’d given up on before (level 6) and managed to complete it on my first try. It still requires skillful jumping, but the pressure and challenge have been pulled back to fun territory. Anyone who had trouble clearing levels before should definitely give the game another try now.

MonsterUp Adventures costs $1.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here at the Windows Phone Store. Note that when searching for the game manually, its title currently consists of one word with no spaces (MonsterUpAdventures). The missing space will be restored in the next update.

Jumping to Windows 8

Tablets make a good home for jumping games too, and MonsterUp Adventures is chock full of monsters looking for a good home. The Windows 8 version of the new will feature updated graphics and support touch, tilt, and keyboard and mouse controls, so desktop players can enjoy it too. We’ll have more news to share soon.

While Adventures isn’t ready for Windows 8 yet, Karios has actually just published a MonsterUp title for Microsoft’s new OS. This one basically acts as a test run, allowing the developers to dip their toes in the water with the new development environment.

MonsterUp Memory is a traditional memory card game, enhanced with the addition of cute and cuddly monsters from the jumping game series. It offers three difficulty levels and supports single-player and pass-and-play multiplayer.

MonsterUp Memory costs $1.49. Tablet and PC gamers can get it here at the Windows 8 Store.

Paul Acevedo

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