MonsterUp Adventures on sale to celebrate Microsoft's BUILD event

Microsoft's BUILD event is now over, which took place last week and saw the company reveal details about Windows 8's launch, as well as launching the Windows Phone 8 SDK for developers who have been anticipating its release. To celebrate the event, the developer of MonsterUp Adventures, Karios Games, has slashed the price of the title temporarily.

The special offer is only available until the end of this week (November 9th), so be sure to get in and download MonsterUp Adventures before the five days are up. Should you have not heard of the game, or its prequel MonsterUp, its a platformer much like Doodle Jump, but with additional features and functionality. The player has to avoid obstacles while jumping on platforms to reach as high as possible.

Launched on Windows Phone back in July, MonsterUp Adventures has since been updated, with most recent being last month. Karios Games took the infinite jumping game and added more bits and bobs into the sequel. Instead of merely jumping to beat scores, players can take on individual stages (lasting about 10 minutes with goals),  and can collect gems to unlock new characters and even a ringtone.

We reviewed MonsterUp, which is well worth checking out for an insight view into the series.

MonsterUp Adventure App

Paid DLC (downloadable content) is also available for MonsterUp that allows players to purchase gems and quicken the process in unlocking extra goodies to further enhance the gameplay. We've continued to enjoy the gameplay offered, and the price drop makes the title a must-have for anyone who's managed to purchase a new Windows Phone 8 handset this week. 

Check out our preview of MonsterUp Adventures before it was released to the Store.

You can download MonsterUp Adventures from the Windows Phone Store for just $0.99 (£0.79). The change has already been applied, which should propagate shortly for all supported markets.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • October 9th? Don't you mean November 9th?
  • Heh, it's November already?! :-)
  • hey rich i was wondering...Does the htc 8x have a notification light?
  • Just a few remarks about MonsterUp Adventures. The last update changes the length of the levels to about half and makes the game easier to play and enjoy. Also, the game plays great on both WP 7.x and WP 8 and is not exclusive to either.
  • Sounds good, loved monster up and have recommended it to many people. Adventures was too hard to hit goals in for me, and I'm top 100 in regular monster up lol! Now I'll try it again. Too much money for new monsters too, makes me sad as I love to try them out. Great games, glad I paid for them both!