More on 320x320 Screen Resolution Support

In our first WM6 Mega-Roundup (there's also Mega-Roundup 2), I noted that Windows Mobile 6 supports 320x320 resolution (gee, who would want that?). Over at the WM Team Blog, Mike Calligaro goes into a little more detail on the whys and hows. I'm glad to see it, I'll be even gladder when Windows Mobile is fully resolution-independent, by which I mean fully scalable to any resolution without so much effort on the part of developers. Photon, I'm looking at you.

This is why that previous entry didn’t tell you what we were planning to do in the future.  It’s also why the comments are full of me saying things like, “This is something we can do, it’ll just take a lot of work.”  (Incidentally, that “a lot of work” bit was definitely true.  We barely finished 320x320 support in time for WM6 to ship.)

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