More deets on the Samsung Mondi (Updated)

Our man Dieter's made it to Las Vegas for CTIA and has wasted no time, forgoing the buffet line at the Sizzler for some face time with Samsung.

The Mondi Mobile Internet Device that got a brief mention last week has made a brief appearance, Dieter says, sporting a 4.3-inch touchscreen with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. There's also the Touchwiz interface that we've seen on the Omnia, along with Wimax (!) and WiFi, Opera 9.5 and 4 gigabytes of user memory and a microSD card.

There's no 3G radio on board here, but presumably if you're cool enough to be rocking a WiMax MID, you're cool enough for VOIP and can make do. Price is TBA, but Samsung says to expect the Mondi sometime in the second quarter.

Another word on Touchwiz: Samsung says it will beome prevalent and familiar across its family of devices, and that its not necessarily trying to put Windows Mobile out in the shed, nary to be seen.

Update: Get your official pics after the break.

Dieter Bohn