More leaks of the HTC Leo

Either there are just a ton of people jonesin' to Photoshop some renders, or the HTC Leo (aka the Thoth and Athena 2) is starting to firm up a bit. These latest leaked shots from are in line with what we saw just a few days ago.

Again, the supposed specs:

  • 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen
  • Qualcomm MSM 8250 Snapdragon processor @ 1GHz
  • 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • 512MB ROM/320MB RAM
  • MicroSD
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR
  • Size: 121x67x11mm
  • aGPS
  • Accelerometer
  • Light sensor/proximity sensor
  • 3.5mm headphone jack (which we see in these renders)

Still absolutely no word on availability, pricing or whether it comes with a unicorn tear.

Via Unwiredview

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  • Gorgeous phone
  • I have an Omnia and I haven't seen many phones I'm jealous of but that is a great looking phone. Plus, it actually can stand up to the Omnia's hardware too!
  • Until HTC starts adding onboard storage it doesnt compete with Samsung's hardware. Plus think what Samsung would have on the market to compete with this, onboard storage + storage card and capacitive AMOLED screen gets my money over HTC's puny 512MB rom.
  • "Plus think what Samsung would have on the market to compete with this, onboard storage + storage card and capacitive AMOLED screen gets my money over HTC's puny 512MB rom." what has HTC's 512MB ROM have to do with anything? it's more than enough for the next few years OS's. i think you're confusing different storage methods and what they're used for: *ROM= the operating system *RAM=when you "load" an app like SMS, camera, movie player, anything else it uses this storage. *STORAGE (on board)=is the equivalent of the old style HARD DISK. it's where you install your apps. *EXTERNAL STORAGE=another form of storage used exactly the same as STORAGE, this is usually the SD CARD. the ROM is for the OS, what the phone runs. there's isn't an OS yet that even manages to need more than HALF 512MB yet, the rest is for OEM customisation, the added apps they put in for each carrier. or spam as we call it. and Samsung, as much as i love them, haven't got your mystically described device yet. so not sure how you can choose what doesn't exist over this other "not released" HTC device.
  • I thought the HTC Leo was supposed to be a clam shell form factor. I would have liked to see it with a keyboard.
  • With that screen size, you won't need a Qwerty board. That is one nice looking phone if it becomes reality. I will buy it asap. Nice to see that it's thin like the iphone instead of a brick design like the new TP2 phones.
  • This is a sweet looking phone. Hopefully there is a GSM version for AT&T and the battery life is not a disappointment.
  • Um, did anyone notice that the spec says Capacitive touchscreen? Isn't Microsoft still denying use of capacitive tech?
  • Yup, it was the first thing I noticed so went straight on down to the comments section to see if anyone could confirm whether or not 6.5 finally supports capacitive touchscreens but it seems you're the only person who noticed it lol. Oh, although it is a render (and I suspect it may not even be accurate or even official) that is a damn nice looking phone.
  • AS Gizmodo and others have pointed out, these are renders. Someone should tell what my old boss used to tell me: "Artificial Intelligence is no substitute for the real thing."
  • My friend working in HTC said that, HTC will launch HTC Mega soon, maybe in the middle of this September...No words about HTC Leo...
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