Possble HTC Leo rendering

And so, the HTC rumor merry-go-round continues. We've already brought you what we believe to be the specs for the HTC Leo, aka the Athena 2. Now, here's a photo to go with it.

A refresher on the specs:

  • Manilla 2.5
  • WVGA/16:9 Screen/4.3"
  • Snapdragon/1GHz
  • 8MP Camera--NEW (up from 5MP?)
  • WM6.5
  • 320mb/512mb RAM/ROM

The general consensus remains that the Leo will be more of a Mobile Internet Device than a phone, even a slider phone, so it's possible there's a keyboard hidden in there somewhere. It's also possible that we're looking at somebody's Photoshop hopes and dreams, so let's just take all this with a big grain of salt.

HTCPedia via WMPoweruser

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