Possble HTC Leo rendering

And so, the HTC rumor merry-go-round continues. We've already brought you what we believe to be the specs for the HTC Leo, aka the Athena 2. Now, here's a photo to go with it.

A refresher on the specs:

  • Manilla 2.5
  • WVGA/16:9 Screen/4.3"
  • Snapdragon/1GHz
  • 8MP Camera--NEW (up from 5MP?)
  • WM6.5
  • 320mb/512mb RAM/ROM

The general consensus remains that the Leo will be more of a Mobile Internet Device than a phone, even a slider phone, so it's possible there's a keyboard hidden in there somewhere. It's also possible that we're looking at somebody's Photoshop hopes and dreams, so let's just take all this with a big grain of salt.

HTCPedia via WMPoweruser

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  • On other sites, this picture is associated with the HTC Whitestone that's comming to Verizon and possiblely to Sprint. The listed specs are: GSM and CDMA/EVDO connectivity
    Windows Mobile 6.1
    3.6 inch WVGA display
    5MP camera
    256MB RAM, 512MB ROM
    528Mhz Qualcomm 7600 processor Here's a link to the source: http://htcpedia.com/news/htc-whitestone-verizon-version.html
  • I looked more closely at the two pictures and the only differeance I can see is that on the Whitestone the 3rd button is raised above the others. Link to the HTC Leo source: http://htcpedia.com/news/rumor-alert-new-image-of-htc-leo-slider-phone.html
  • Interesting, indeed. Devices like this have no hope without a subsidy, IMO. And on that lowly note, devices like this never really get a subsidy, do they? Ah well...
  • I wish they would release this with T-mobile with GSM. It will sell faster than their MyTouch phone with Android OS.
  • Right now does it matter if it looks like the HD, D2, or TP2? What really matters, is this the overdue device from HTC based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform? And even more interesting, will HTC introduce a Snapdragon phone running on WM or Andriod first? (Personally I think it will be WM, but HTC may be looking to make a statement about it's future direction.)
  • It's ashame that HTC chose to not release the HTC HD as I though that would've been an ultimate iphone killer. The specs on this look impressive so far and a wise upgrade to the HD if actually released. I'm still getting the TP2 because I've waited long enough for that but I would love to see this come to into full scale production in the U.S. For anyone interested in doing a comparison on this to the HD here is a link:
    http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_touch_hd-2525.php P.S. Hey WMExperts, I would love the BlueAnt S1 Speakerphone.
  • That is one impressive phone.
    The most interesting spec is of course the 1ghz Snapdragon that everyone is anxiously waiting for HTC to include.
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  • Alfter looking at these two photos enlarged, I can see they are not the same photo. Look at the shape of the bottom left button - they're different shapes.