HTC Leo = HTC Thoth = HTC Athena 2, Got It?

So all these rumors abuzz about the HTC Leo specs and a "clamshell phone" are a bit on the money and a bit off.

First, while technically a phone, it's more a long the lines of a Mobile Internet Device (MID) then smartphone.

Second, it's not replacing HTC Universal but rather the HTC Athena, which garnered a lot of attention but seemed more experimental than anything.

In short, the HTC Leo is the very same  HTC Thoth that was mentioned in the leaked HTC 2009 Roadmap. Making sense yet?

So what are the specs? What we know so far is

  • Manilla 2.5
  • WVGA/16:9 Screen/4.3"
  • Snapdragon/1GHz
  • 8MP Camera--NEW (up from 5MP?)
  • WM6.5
  • 320mb/512mb RAM/ROM

Look for it by the end of the year and judging by the numerous ROMs floating around, don't be surprised if a few carriers pick it up this time.

Phil Nickinson

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