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What you need to know

  • Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition has been announced for next-gen consoles.
  • This edition of the game includes support for 4K 60 FPS as well as better textures. PS5 users also get support for DualSense.
  • The Enhanced Edition is given to owners of the original game on Xbox One and PS4 for free.

Cold Symmetry, the development studio behind the popular Soulslike action RPG Mortal Shell, has announced that a special version of the game called Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 on March 4, 2021. This edition of the game will be given to previous owners of Mortal Shell on Xbox One or PS4 for free.

In terms of what the Enhanced Edition offers, you'll get support for 4K resolution, 60 FPS, and improved texture quality. Additionally, PS5 owners will also get support for the system's DualSense controller technology that gives players advanced haptic feedback as they play. You can check out some visual comparisons of the original game and the Enhanced Edition on the official Mortal Shell website.

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Overall, it sounds like Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition will be a great experience. The game itself is awesome, too — as I said in my review, "While it's not perfect, Mortal Shell is nevertheless an impressive snack-sized Soulslike that's fun, polished, and unique, providing an experience that Souls fans will love." You can get it now for $30 and then get the Enhanced Edition for free when it comes out. Alternatively, if you're a PC player, you can get the PC version of the game right now that already sports better textures and support for 4K.

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Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell

Dark Souls, but with body takeovers

With its great gameplay mechanics, unique evolution of Soulslike combat, and excellent presentation, Mortal Shell is a game that new and veteran Souls players alike will love.

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