Moto Q9m Firmware Update Available

Go getcher Firmware update for the Motorola Q9m (opens in new tab), which may or may not offer anything you care about, the information is murky at best:

The Q9m update upgrades the Windows Mobile 6 version from AKU 0.2 (which shipped initially) to AKU 0.6. The updated radio firmware version stands at 03.20.29P. It is not clear at this time if the update delivers gpsOne functionality which was added to the Motorola Q9c on Sprint. -

Any brave soul want to go give it a shot first and report back?

WC Staff
  • I updated my Moto Q 9M 2 days ago. I haven't seen any real changes except that Docs To Go will now work with Office 2007 files where before it didn't. The phone seems a bit faster (but I did have to do a hard reset to update so that could be why.)
    I do NOT see any gps capabilities added - dang it!
  • yep, me neither. I may try to apply the gps hack to see what happens, but so far I'm not noticing any appreciable difference beyond what you've mentioned.
  • Dieter,
    I did the update a while back and see some speed improvements.
    Albeit the phone turning on is still slow. Word of caution, you can't just install it and reinstall data from a backup. I use sprite backup and it reported it as being a different version of windows mobile. So I had to reinstall everything from scratch.