For those who use moTweets, you should be getting a notice soon for version 2.5 in the Marketplace. While not too much in the way of new features (it already has quite a few packed in there) it does get some of those little bug fixes that may have been irking you:

  • NEW: Options for “show quick buttons” to swap behavior of tap and tap’n’hold tweets
  • Fixed an issue with current Trends not loading up properly
  • Fixed an issue where “Invalid Credentials” error message would show up
  • Fixed an issue where Twitter style retweets wouldn’t would show up as cut off

Sounds good to us. Between this app, Rowi, Seesmic and a few others, we have to admit that the Twitter field offers nice choices for users out there. Grab moTweets (paid) here and and moTweets (free) here. [We should also note that moTweets got bumped from $0.99 to $1.99 recently--so take that for what it's worth.]

Thanks, @Fisi_zubi, for the heads up