Movie Creator Beta gets 4K video input support, OneDrive integration and more

Back in November, Microsoft Mobile released Movie Creator exclusively for Lumia Windows Phones and the Surface. Since that time, we have not seen too much in the way of updates or new features, but that changes today.

The latest version is now live in the Store for Lumia Windows Phones (sorry, HTC One owners) and those with a Surface Pro device (but not a Surface 3, ironically). Here is what is new.

Movie Creator Beta v

  • Support for 4K video input with max 1080p output (on supported device models)
  • Select photos and videos from OneDrive
  • Change video speed
  • Change caption & title font family / size / position
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

The biggest addition here is, of course, the ability for the app to use 4K videos. Granted, it will not output those videos as 4K. Instead, it downscales them to 1080p, which should be fine for most uses.

The OneDrive integration is superb, as it allows you to edit and create new movie montages with video stored in the cloud. Likewise, you still get the ability to use 'Cinemagraphs and more' to complete the supported media of this app.

Additionally, the Surface version of Movie Creator also received an update, although it is a lot less interesting.

Movie Creator Beta or Microsoft Surface

  • Minor improvements

However, we should note that the Surface version also had OneDrive integration, and it seems to be on the same level as the version for Lumias.

If you have not tried Movie Creator, it is quite a powerful – yet simple – movie editing app the lets you add text, music, and various videos to create mini-movies. Make sure you read and watch our video tutorial on how to use it:

Tutorial: 7 steps to make amazing videos with Movie Creator Beta

Otherwise, download or update your current apps and enjoy the new features.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Sweet &
  • When is this app coming to Android? :P Looks neat.
  • I thought you were banned from WPC? What business do you have here, Android troll?
  • Unless you haven't realised a lot of Microsoft Windows Phone exclusives have been making it over to Android and iOS, Office Lens included and Cortana also being a possibility. So I was just joking about how this app could also make it to Android, because it does look rather nice. Oh and if anyone is wondering why Microsoft ports over its apps, this maybe why: Edit1: Also I am far from a troll, I just like commenting on news related to technology. I have no personal hate for Microsoft and I use Windows on my laptop, OneDrive on my phone, I also sometimes use Outlook. Back when I had a Google+ profile I would often appreciate any advancements Microsoft or Windows Phone made, but ever since I moved Google accounts I had to delete the account and now I just directly comment under posts like these, going to wait till end of exams to move to G+ again. Also, you are banned from WPCentral forums as well. ;)
  • Link doesn't work, troll. ;)
  • Seems it was taken down, was working a while ago.  Let me look for corrected version. Edit: This works for me:
  • Sour
  • Gone
  • What's the difference between this app and microsofts Movie Moments app? Wasnt even aware of this one...
  • I don't know.  This Movie Creator Beta came out some time ago and it has been my go to movie maker.  The friends and family members I've sent some short movies to have been impressed.
  • As the name implies, Movie Moments creates snippets for fast sharing. This is basically a full-fledged, but easy to use, movie editor.
  • Thanks! Looking forward to trying this one out!
  • So you mean to say that it's a replacement for movie maker for Windows, right?
  • Not quite, it isn't as powerful as the old movie maker, but more powerful than Movie Moments. It is quite possibly the greatest app that Microsoft has made for WP. It does come with some limitations, such as maximum 15 clips in the same movie, inability to cut a clip in two and use both, etc. Great for quickly composing a nice little vid after that weekend trip on the way home on the plane, though. I have some clips taken with my dslr in my OneDrive and I just tried to open them with this latest version, but to no avail. Maybe a bit too ambitious I guess :)
  • As far as the "... inability to cut a clip in two and use both,...".  If you import a clip, just hold down the clip for 2 seconds and it will give you the choice to duplicate that clip, delete, or further edit that clip.  And yes, you can play both clips. 
  • I was able to download this for win10TP desktop before.  Then it stopped working.  Did MS decide to keep this exclusive for the surface? Good thing is now I can finally install the update on win10tp for phone.  
  • This app never downloads, it gets stuck on pending, was just trying to download it after a reset.
  • You're so right about that.  What I've learned is that once you've started the download try not to let the screen timeout or do anything else on the phone.  It's such a large file for some reason once it's stuck it takes a while before the dang will download.   Download complete.  :)
  • Well I just completed doing Asphalt 8 and Smash Cops Heat while the screen was off. Just this one gets stuck dunno why.
  • This is the only app where I've had this issue.  But not letting the phone sleep has solved the download issue for me.
  • Same issue here. Says to check my data connection. Just did several DLs and this is the only one that had issues.
  • Do we have any app that can reverse the videos??
  • The best app Microsoft ever made !
  • ... For windows phone
  • Video Tuner also got update with 4K video support
  • Why we need movie created beta for a surface pro which supports many open source video editing software's
  • Presence is better than ABSENCE
  • Since when having more options is a bad thing? Use what pleases you, and don't complain about the platform growing.
  • Gah... We don't have apps - people complain, we get apps - people still complain. But I do agree, they seem too focused on media apps
  • Working fine on my 930. Video Tuner is also updated with 4k...
  • It is unavailable to download" video tuner" what to do???
  • 4k input support... Is good . If anyone downloaded update , tell me has it got minimum 1080p output... If yes . I would update it
  • That's what the article says. Don't you read?
  • Reading seems overrated here sometimes.
  • Somehow I managed to install the app on my PC, which isn't a Surface, when it came out. It doesn't show my videos and photos in the appropriate tabs, but using the file picker solves the problem. Movie Creator Beta is a beautiful and very functional app, though I wish there was a dark theme.
  • Same here.  Well, I did a clean install of win10tp and could not re-install this app again.
  • Lumia 2520 also gets this update.
  • Happy to see 4k support...this is one of the best app!
  • Video turner, movie moment, movie creator... Why not just combine them. I have features i like on one app that i can't get on the other. Don't get me started on the many photo apps MS has.
  • Yeah, it seems like there might be an opportunity to intelligently combine some of these apps.  
  • Ms too many photo apps we get already! Windows phone has the best cameras lol! Okay so when is the facebook app getting a serious update I mean seriously?? Lol
  • This^^ I can never upload videos to Facebook from my phone...smh! It always say Failed to Upload.
  • Lol I have not even tried. I basically use the browser now for facebook. The app is no where near been potent.
  • Mee to lol!!!
  • Needs more editable templates
  • Awesome! Updating now.
  • It's still lumia exclusive. I hate this f€€@
  • So sad
    I spent The last few days reinstalling this app and finally got to install yesterday
    Today and update is available.
    Trying times ahead!
  • Hilarious!
  • It remains unfortunately limited to 25 items on the work canvas. This is a terribly annoying limitation.
  • Also Video Turner
  • Removing max 25 photo limits will be better...
  • This is a great app
  • Couple of apps are doing exactly this.... Not installing complete on WP 10 preview. Hop the next update will sort this.
  • Nokia engineers better than Microsoft engineers when come to WP apps.
  • This would be nice but AT&T still has not released the fricking Denim update for my 830!!!!
  • Nice!  I originally meant to download this app and sorta forgot.  I'm glad the update reminded me to download it. 
  • I miss this, it was available on regular desktop computers and not just surface pro 3 and phones. I was using it as a video editor on my 32 bit system. It worked for the video I liked creating without having to tunnel through something like Sony Vegas or Premiere Pro. Oh well, time to upgrade.
  • I can't download it.
    Error code 80073cf9
    Anyone know how to fix this error ?????????????
  • You using a 930?
  • I use 1520
  • I have never, ever, EVER been able to download this app on my 930. Ever. Ever. Just this app. Always errors out. So how you guys got a copy is beyond me!
  • Am I missing something? The article says it is available for Surface Pro but whem I follow the link on my SP3, it says it is not available.
  • Is this app available for Surface 2?
  • This isn't available on the Surface 3 :-(
  • Still can't install this piece of shit. Microsoft need to sort their shit out. Always this app that wont download. And only this app.