MrMobile is giving away a ton of tech!

See, we just hit the 100-video mark over on the MrMobile YouTube channel, and after less than a year we've also managed to snag some 350,000 subscribers! I thought those were milestones worth celebrating, so I wrote some of the biggest and best tech companies in the world and asked them if they'd like to offer some giveaway gadgets to the people who made it all possible. (Psst, that's you.) To my surprise and delight, most of them agreed ... and now you've got the chance to win everything from smartphones to tablets to mobile accessories to a 4K TV – more than $10,000 in prizes!

To enter, the terms are pretty simple: you just have to say something nice on YouTube. Why? Because YouTube comment sections have too long been counted among the very worst parts of the internet, and I thought it would be nice to shine a little light into those dank corners … if only for a week. For the details, check out the announcement video, and then head over to the official contest site for more info and additional chances to win. Giveaway recipients will be announced starting May 5th.

Until then, best of luck — and stay mobile my friends!

Also stay social, friends

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