MrMobile on the Sennheiser PXC 550: Better than Bose?

The Sennheiser PXC 550 can keep your ears closed off to the rest of the world. A must-have for those of you with long holiday travels and long holidays with family. They're good-looking and long-lasting, just like everything you'd want in a ... pair of noise-reducing headphones. With the added luxury of a touch-sensitive panel to help control what you're listening to, you'll really drive your ... headphones wild.

MrMobile, in his infinite wisdom, will help you decide if these cans are what your ears have been looking (listening?) for, or if you're better off with the Bose QC35. Take Michael Fisher's advice, and you'll be ready for all that December has to offer.

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Justus Perry

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  • The QC35 seems to get minus points (or seem to be a bonus point elsewhere) compared to other headphones. But, the understated, no-nonsense design is exactly what attracted me to them, in addition to, arguably, the best ANC. Personally, I don't like the PXC 550's design; it looks bulkier, flimsier and there were close-up details that looked really cheap in the video. There's none of that on QC35 (at least not on my silver ones).
  • I love my QC25 and the QC35 tempt me. Two things stop me: can't use them without nose cancellation and the battery is not user replaceable like in QC25.
  • The argument of needing to have a user-replaceable battery needs to die at this point, it really shouldn't be a concern anymore. Most rechargeable batteries are meant to last for a minimum of 500 cycles, a lot (especially in notebooks) even go up to 1000 cycles before they begin to not hold a full charge. Just for this example, we will go with 500 cycles. The headphones last for 20 hours on a single charge. Assuming you listen to the headphones for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, that's a total of 40 hours of audio playback per week resulting in 2 charge cycles. That's 2 charge cycles per week, 8 for each month. That means that the headphones will last for 62.5 months (5.2 years!) before the battery begins to crap out, and that's with listening to them for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. You're going to be looking at getting a new pair of headphones 5.2 years down the line anyway and I highly doubt that you use headphones for such long periods of time during the work week. For the vast majority of people, the battery in the QC35's is going to last even longer (up around 9-10 years) thus negating any need to worry about having a non-replaceable battery.
  • Hum, and somehow with my QC25 I don't need to worry about that since I can buying batteries for as long as I want.   To each its own.
  • Lots of options are better than Bose.
  • Sound quality, yes.
    Noise canceling w/ BT, weight, comfort - not really.
  • What about the Sony MDR1000x? I feel like they hit all those marks. Reviews say noise cancelling is slightly better than QC35s.
  • Those are really the only ones I have come across, in the reviews and in online forums, that are able to compete with and slightly beat Bose out when it comes to noise cancellation. To be fair, they are also more expensive than the QC35's so they should be doing a better job. I have the MDR-100ABN and prefer them to the QC35's. The Bose are more comfortable and have better noise cancellation but the Sony MDR-100ABN headphones have better sound quality. I am not a fan of Bose's sculpted sound that changes with volume on the QC35's.
  • I was actually surprised that anyone could beat Bose in noise cancelling without somehow getting sued, since they practically invented it.
  • I have the QC35 and I can tell you that comfort and noise cancellation is as good as it gets. I will not travel without them. I put them on when I get to the airport gate and don't take them off until I am off the plane. The battery life is insanely long. I have used it for 5 hours and it still says 90%.
  • I own Sol Republic headphones for last two years. They still sound like the first day I bought them. Crisp and clear, enough bass and loud sound output. Bose are only better for noise cancelation.
  • I've been using the Bang and Olufsen H2's now for a while and they're fantastic headphones! Just the right amount of bass at the right moments, great highs too! The mids are a bit lost without an amp, but for 200$ it beats headphones costing twice as much!
  • Shouldn't it be swipe "from" the right instead of "to"??
    Just asking, these things confuse the hell out of me.
  • Ha ha. I have a Philips one bought for 30 dollars and it does all that audio crap mentioned above. Noise cancellation, highs, lows, mids, up, down , straight, lying , all that crappy jargon. Sennheiser, B&O, Bose, et al, not even close ! 😁
  • I read these reviews like I read the stuff in those airplane magazines. Interesting, but these are not the only game in town. When MrMobile reviews things, I know I'm never going to be cool enough or rich enough to own them...just like the stuff in an airplane magazine.
  • Even when having enough money, i would just not buy it. I have a pair of AKG Headphones (approx $50) which provide me better sound than 3x more expensive Bose and 20x better than Dr. Beat (which they should rename to Dr. TooMuchBass). Ok, the Sennheiser still may be a bit better, but then the limiting factor is the Audio quality of the MP3 and if plugged the bad DAC of the smartphone.
  • You're right, your Philips headphones aren't even close. They are in a much, much lower league. You're kidding yourself if you think your Philips headphones can cancel as much noise as the Bose QC35 headphones, Sennheiser PXC-500's, or the Sony MDR-1000X models.