MS France: "NoDo coming second half of March"

While mum has been the word from Redmond, Microsoft France has officially announced that the long-awaited NoDo update will arrive in the second half of March.  Still, this is a bit nebulous, as details of the release are unclear.  What is the exact release date?  Will the rollout be staggered or across the board for everyone?  MS insider, Mary-Jo Foley, has tapped her sources to no avail, other than one WP7 contact telling her that the new target is the week of March 21.  We shall see.

Recent leaks of HTC Mozart, Trophy and HD7 ROMs sporting the update have got everyone chomping at the bit for the copy/paste functionality that we so desparately crave.

Source: MS France (FRogz); Via: ZDNet

Seth Brodeur
  • That is the same week the HTC Arrive comes out so perhaps it's on purpose?
  • I doubt the update is being held up because of 1 device on 1 carrier on a proprietary cellular network.
  • See this scares me. If they are having this much trouble with something they said was a minor update, I really can't see them release MAJOR updates in a timely manner. Sheesh!
  • Come on... isn't this update suppose to be in the bag by now? They've already got the update on shipping phones, and the ROMS for most HTC devices have already leaked out with NoDo. Some transparency would be nice in explaining what the holdup really is.
  • and when march 21st rolls around we'll be getting reports that is been pushed to april and when april rolls around...
  • I don't even have my WP7 yet and reading all this is starting to get so monotonous. At this rate it's going to be June before they roll it out. I understand it has to be a logistics nightmare for MS but seriously, at least address your customer base and not keep us completely in the dark. A little honesty is not going to make your mighty empire fall. If you are having issues fine....tell us....if carriers are so be it, at least we would have a little bit of a clue.
  • This is just ridiculous now. Every week it is a new rumor about a date. I don't believe any of it anymore.
  • Ohwell. I'll just continue to wait patiently and enjoy the phone. It's getting better. I just want that speed update!
  • Still waiting for that elusive pre-nodo update for my Samsung Omnia 7. So far nodo is noshow. It shouldn't be this hard or take this long just for some updates which should have been part of the standard feature of WP7. Sometimes I wish MS had followed the Xbox model and ditched the partners and made a phone themselves.
  • Blech. This is all leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. I know there are risks to being an early adopter but the delays are just pathetic and upsetting at this point.
  • Lets just say sometime in 2012 and hopefully even MS can pull that off :)
  • We get this from MS France...MS has never promised any date beyond the vague Steve Ballmer first part of March reference so why is everyone talking about MS letting us down?? When they come out with a set date and then miss it I'll just on the bash Microsoft bandwagon too. Until then Im just going to keep waiting and appreciating the fact that they are trying to get the first major update right. As I remember 8 years ago when iPhone first came out they had some rocky moments too.
  • I distinctly remember a web page on back in the first week of January, that promised the update "in a few days".
  • So lets see how many more "official release dates" will be confirmed via rumors this week.Last Sunday: "Updates coming Monday."Monday: "Updates confirmed for March 8th."Tuesday: "Updates confirmed March 14th."Source: Some dude's twitter page.If MS says sometime in the second half of March then leave it at that. I'm getting tired of all these "confirmed" release dates that are not from an official press release.
  • Are you ignoring the fact that Ballmer himself said on stage at MWC that NoDo would be released "sometime in the first 2 weeks of March"?Are you ignoring the fact that their FAQ on NoDo was originally labeled "january update"?Specific dates were rumors, but MS themselves promised certain time frames and have missed them ALL.
  • We're still not two weeks into March. Plus lists Ballmer as saying early March, no specific date given. And early expectations were that the update would come in February, still not a release date. Even the supposed "January release date page" that was given out in an official MS Press link states that the update was coming in a couple months. the part that says "Over the next few months?" Welcome to a few months.
  • @Figure 8 DashYou fail to address one major issue, which is the reason for so many conflicting dates and rumors: the NoDo update has been delayed multiple times and it has missed its original planned time frame. NoDo was supposed to be out in January (it was called the January update on the URL on Microsoft's website), then February, then early March, now late March.It is more than obvious that Microsoft *is* having problems getting this and the pre-NoDo update out and that is why there are conflicting dates--not because people are guessing wrong.
  • In the very link I posted I addressed the January update link. It stated that "over the next few months," not January.
  • This is unbelievable, it's been what... 5 months? since the WP7 was launched and we're yet to receive the first update that only brings copy&paste, fixed marketplace (+ better search) and faster loading of apps.First of all, there should have been a hotfix for the marketplace MONTHS ago.Second of all, I hate this whole "give-the-update-to-carrier-and-wait-for-all-of-them-to-test-it-for-2-months-and-then-approve-it-before-we-finally-roll-it-out-for-everyone". What happens if there is some sort of a bug in the NoDo update? Will MS release a hotfix so we can go through this whole long carrier-bullshit process all over again? Will they bypass the carriers? Can they even do that? Or will they be like "ahh, **** it" and include the fix in Mango 6 months later? The fact that OEMs are already shipping phones with NoDo on board only proves how problematic and time consuming this whole crappy carrier deal is.And lastly, why isn't there more features announced? I mean the next update we know of will bring multitasking and IE9, what about everything else the phone is missing? Just go to the official WP7 forums and read the suggestion thread. There is SO MUCH STUFF this phone doesn't have and NEEDS to compete with apple and google. There better be some more updates in between NoDo and Mango or Mango better have a lot more new features then previously announced. For the love of god, it's a Windows phone that relies on Live services and there is no Live messenger! Miyowa is a joke. I got lucky when I installed Li'Messenger before it got pulled (why?!), that one is awesome.Don't get me wrong, I do love my WP7, but MS needs to step it up... BIG TIME. Rant over.
  • After these baby steps, and some hold-ups by telecoms,I am looking forward in faster updates.Comparing the arrival of copy-and-paste with their competitors,Microsoft is doing fine.(Apple endorsements ruined the sitcom Big Bang Theory.)
  • I wonder if this has to do with Samsung hardware, still. I could see them holding off releasing the update if that were the case given the number of Samsung devices sold.