MSI's new GTX 10 series gaming notebooks include the incredibly thin Stealth Pro

Once NVIDIA unveiled its GTX 10 lineup for notebooks, we knew it wouldn't be long before companies unveiled laptops packing the hardware. MSI is now first on that list with a slew of new gaming laptops, including its incredibly slim and powerful new "Stealth" laptops.

Coming in several configurations, MSI's Stealth laptops pack NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1060 graphics. The Stealth Pro, MSI claims, is the world's thinnest 15-inch laptop, coming in at just 17.7mm in height and weighing 1.9kg. Meanwhile, the GS73VR Stealth carries a 17-inch 4K display.

The laptops carry a sleek brushed metal design, and MSI is looking to keep things quiet with its cooling solutions. Also included are gaming keyboards from SteelSeries, a respected gaming brand in its own right, as well as HiFi audio courtesy of an ESS SABRE DAC.

If you're looking for other options, MSI has a ton of other offerings at both the higher and lower ends of the spectrum as well, including the GT73VR Titan SLI, which can carry either two GTX 1070 graphics cards or a single GTX 1080. There's also the GS43VR Phantom, with GTX 1060 graphics and a 14-inch HD display for those who prefer a smaller screen.

MSI GTX 10 lineup

In all, MSI's new lineup includes 11 new laptops, all packing NVIDIA's new GTX 10-series cards across the board. That's an impressive amount of choice, and should leave room for anyone to find something they like — even VR fans.

For much more, you can check out MSI's rundown of the lineup. And if you're interested in picking up one of MSI's new gaming laptops for yourself, some models — including the Stealth — are already available to order from both Amazon and Newegg at the links below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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