MSN News for Windows 10 now lets you add select media sources (Fast Ring)

Microsoft has pushed out an update tonight for their MSN News app for Windows 10 and Mobile in the Fast Ring. The latest update adds a highly requested feature that lets you add specific news sources to various topics. This new feature is in addition to the already existing Interests feature, which provides general categories to choose from when setting up the app.

Build is now rolling out to the Fast Ring for Mobile and PC. That version is ahead of Production, which sits at 4.9.76.

The new Sources feature appears in the sidebar under Interests. The user can go through various categories like Sports, National & World News, Music, Science, Technology, Politics, and more and star their favorite news outlets for sourcing.

Presumably, the user will then see more news coming from those outlets than Microsoft's default feed. Users can also open the feed and choose news stories direct from those sites in a single feed e.g. only American Scientist.

In a similar move, Microsoft recently let users "mute" sites that appeared in their Cortana feed. However, users cannot do that (yet) on MSN News. Instead, it is more of an opt-in to specific sites rather than opt-out of ones you do not enjoy. Users can also search for news sources. However, the offering is limited to what MSN News has already preselected and is unlike a custom RSS feed.

Overall, this seems like the right move to let users add news from specific sites, but will fall short of what people tend to want, which is to view sources that only reflect their own worldview. While many of us see that as an unhealthy way to get your news that has not stopped users from wanting such a feature.

Besides this new feature, users will be prompted to go through their Interests again the first time the app is launched as Microsoft has added more categories to choose from.

Grab the latest update for MSN News and let us know what you think.

Download MSN News for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Interesting.....
  • no Windows Central support?
  • Nope. Clearly they're biased :P
  • lol, definitely very biased, they support The Verge
  • YES YES YES YES YES!1!1!1!1!1 My number one request for this app. And, no Daniel, I don't only read one sided media reports but there are just some news outlets that you don't want in your feed. Thank you Microsoft. ;)
  • well they did recently add the ability to "mute" or remove certain news sources in the official build. There was an article written on that recently
  • it would be nice to have a filter, here in brazil in reality show times, like big brother, some sources used to post news about those things as main news and i hate that stuff =/
  • Can't click any links from wc. Adware according to opendns
  • No adware Microsoft referral links. Microsoft tracks how much traffic we send them. It's on them. You can add to your white list. I get blocking ads, but blocking referral links is a whole other level of bullshit, excuse my french. You literally cannot get all news for free.
  • Why do I get the feeling that only Redstone devices are getting new app updates? I understand that unsupported devices like mine won't get new features in OS updates, but you mean to tell me that even new apps will be Redstone exclusive???
  • Not true. There are "app rings" too for testing. That's all. These apps can work on older builds.
  • Oh, thank God. I can calm down now.
  • Just think of it the apps included on Insider Builds are beta apps without label, they don't generally meant for public release until it's ready or when the OS is ready for release. Maps from Redstone for example recently released for public builds which is nice. It was earlier than the Anniversary Update release.
  • Yes you can I installed RT news it's great not bias free and available in many languages and countries.. old UI though
  • Guess I will reinstall it now :D With this feature, it could maybe be useful :D
  • I put in a tip about this a week ago...
  • Still waiting for BBC UWP app...
  • Getting better than Flipboard
  • Already miles better than Flipboard
  • Similar update also pushed for MSN Money
  • I would love RSS support.
  • Sounds interesting. I hope they dont control the sources to much.
  • Hope we get similar function for the msn sports app
  • Hope this means I will no longer see "articles" from 'Beta News', 'You don't know football' and about a dozen sites from India.
  • Dan, I'm not able to update the new Wallet app nor this app? I'm on the latest fast ring build with Lumia 950xl. Any suggestions?
  • Wow it only took a single lifetime to do a basic thing and still didn't get it right let people choose there sources and let the "all" tap show interests instead of what we wanted to get rid off in the first place and don't get me started on sport app...
  • Call me when I can block Fox News and the idiotic boy blogger sites that begin every article with "Microsoft is an innovator in ..." while delivering no news or even worse, old news. I stupidly tapped on a Thurrott article from 2014 that said Windows 8 likely spelled the end of Microsoft.
  • The return of my sources. Was already supported in windows 8 from the start. Was then phased out after 8.1 in a couple of succesive updates. Was a dramaic experience which lead to the current msn news app (without the current my sources update). I really hope they bring back support for rss feeds with embedded photo and video contenct. I  must say that the news cards on the U.S. articles look far better. In the Netherlands they're just plain boxes with a header and text. It's only when you press an article you literally get a webwrapped article from the website in view. No distractionfree readability. In that regard for my sources you can just as well just open the webstie in Edge and use reading mode. A pity microsoft didn't go the extra mile. But then my experience is that microsoft never really showed any relevant effort into a making a good user expereince with this trivial app. It feels they just took the easy road and left this app to its own devices in time. The app was simply gorgeous when it was first released on windows 8. It even supported rss feeds. It was gone and virtually a heavily curated, but otherwise empty news shell after windows 8.1 and windows 10. News is important, The msn news reader could be so much more, could have so much more class. would still like to see a real newspaper format where curated and our personal choices of our sources and rss feeds are blened into one layout. In the beginning they were close, but then lost focus somehow.
  • Glad that they finally implement this option. This is kind of long overdue for the app. What I just don't get it though is that the UI on dark mode still left with light theme which is distracting. I mean, how hard to actually implement to change color when the dark mode is enabled? What's I'm bothered most actually is why the implementatation is half-baked to begin with, don't anybody realize that leaving one bright bar at the top on a dark mode doesn't look visually good? This UI shortcoming keeps me thinking if they let their UI designers or even know how to supervise these issues during the development. Many changes are implemented just for the sake of it without thoughtful design.
  • Also the 4 new MSN apps have now their own titlebar color instead of the accent color (meh)
  • The sources feature is welcome, but the app seems to render articles more slowly with this latest build. Each swipe to a new article brings several seconds of spinning circle before text least on my 950xl. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Used to like this app but ever since e i found newsflow, haven't gone bad...super fast & it also give the option to open articles within the app
  • Newsflow is amazing
  • You should also try INIReader. As fast as NewsFlow and much better loaded on functionality.
  • Newsflow is far superior, kind of crass (but expected) to hear that it's 'healthy' to get forced to read any news sources. Didn't Mao do that too?
  • Cool. Maybe I'll actually use MSN News now.