Multitasking on Mango demoed in detail [Video]

Microsoft's Executive Communications Manager on Windows Phone, Derek Snyder, managed to show off and answer some questions about multi-tasking on the upcoming OS update. As a result, we can see it in action here, how selection and management works and basically how smooth the whole process is.

We'd say more, but honestly the vid shows enough. It does get pretty geeky in spots, but that's a good thing, we think.

Daniel Rubino

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  • So far when using my phone I haven't come across any instances where I need to switch between apps really quickly the one main thing I would use multitasking for is to check email while I'm listening to a streaming radio station like iHeartradio or TuneIn Radio. Other than that I think what they are offering is more than enough for most users myself included.
  • This is definitely a nice addition for Windows Phone, BUT does anyone see the uncanny resemblance to WebOS on the HP Palm Pre (and Pixi)? This multitasking system looks EXACTLY like the multitasking system in WebOS. Now, being a former Palm Pre user, I REALLY LOVED the multitasking on WebOS, so I'm really excited for this on Windows Phone (I used it all the time for checking contacts while on the phone or cutting and pasting information from email to email, etc. etc.). But you have to wonder is there was some background influence there... and you also have to wonder why we didn't have this from the beginning, since the "dehydration" of apps have pretty much been active from day 1.
  • 1. It is not "exactly" the same.2. There is no dehydration of apps in WP 7.0 - it has tombstoning, but not dehydration.
  • Rhihan, WebOS copied that from Windows Alt+Tab. Heck even the new Aero Tab too.
  • Yes but the WebOS 'cards' method of multitasking was truly novel for a smartphone OS. **** it WAS the OS.
  • It's what I've been saying. Still, as OGCF said, webOS was the first to bring it to smartphones and they implemented it great. Part of me was hoping he'd flick one of the screens upward. :-p
  • I'm not saying that I'm not looking forward to this on my Windows Phone, because I really am. I'm just wondering why this couldn't be implemented from the beginning since WebOS had this functionality from over two years ago! Sorry about the misuse of the term "dehydration". I guess "dehydration" will be faster than "tombstoning". Whatever you call it, multitasking is important, and hitting the back button to switch between "tombstoned" apps (like we have to do now) is archaic and not incredibly useful.
  • I just wish MS would decide to come out with a tablet that uses the Windows Phone OS. With this multitasking in play I can see that being very enticing particularly if it came with a full suite of MS Office apps like the phone does. Imagine, super fast easy to use tablet WITH complete Office compatibility? I might never go back to a laptop. ;-)
  • Can anyone tell whether or not you have control as to which apps are being 'multitasked'? It seems to me that they are just keeping your recent apps 'opened' , and then letting older instances drop off the back as newer ones take up the front. Which is not necessarily a terrible idea, but as a webOS user who is considering the switch, I'll miss having that control. Still like it better than Apple's implementation where literally everything you open stays 'open' in there pathetic excuse for a multitasking window. Then, when you need to go and find the app through the multitasking tool, you have to flip through 10 pages of apps in order to find it. It would have been fast to just go through the launcher. This is much better!!
  • Well, the multitasking switching method they showed in the video this time (i.e. press /hold back) is great. I would prefer to click on a small X (as in IE tabs) to close an app rather than have to foreground it and then press back. Looking forward to the update, no matter how long AT&T stalls it this time.
  • why don't they have it in tiles and list like the home screen? easier to see and navigate and more in style with wp7.