MX Player arrives for Windows, Windows Phone but is likely fake

Update: The MX Player apps have been confirmed as real, but early prototypes.

As Q2 wraps up for Microsoft, you may have noticed a small avalanche of new apps and games for their Windows and Windows Phone platforms. In that sense, the arrival of MX Player, a popular video rendering app on Android, fits right in.

However, we have some problems believing that this is a legit release, rather than a clone, hence our reluctance to write this article.

For one, everything in the app description is a carbon copy from the Google Play Store (opens in new tab). Next up, is the developer. Last time we checked, back in October, there were no plans for a Windows release. Going further, so far they have been mum about this release, with no announcements in their forums, nothing on their website, etc. Then there is the fact that the Windows 8.1 version just crashes upon launching for us, which makes it useless. Finally, at just 1 MB in size, the notion that this includes a multitude of proper codecs is a bit hard to fathom.

This app has all the telltale signs of a bad port/clone.

Moreover, for those citing the same name for the publisher – J2 Interactive – that means squat, as anyone can register any name in the Store so long as it is not already registered. Microsoft never asks for "proof" of a publishers name, so please do not present that as evidence.

Nevertheless, hey, we could be wrong on this, so we are reaching out to the developer to try and verify. After all, there is no risk of money here, as both apps are free, so feel free to grab them. At this point though, it is not clear what advantage this has over MoliPlayer Pro for Windows Phone or VLC for Windows 8.1, it just plays videos but is itself nothing special.

So be warned that this is likely not legit.

QR: mxplayer

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • We are getting tons of updates today! Time now for vlc and denim update!!!
  • It's like you missed the whole point of this article...
  • Shh Daniel, for once there's some positivity in WP forums.. Doesn't happen everyday!
  • Daniel, Lumia selfie got an update. Check it out.
  • Daniel uc browser got a bug, fotoroom and disque got an update, msn apps are now on android and ios
  • And Kindle
  • Wow
  • @ Daniel Did you try playing .mkv files with this player. Just checked the store it has only 2 star ratings. ​
  • I have not, but others have. Reportedly MKV do NOT play, just MP4.
  • Microsoft actually does verify the company name on the store. They employ Symantec to contact the company and check records. That doesn't make it infallible, but it's something.
  • Um... What?
  • Check the article, it says that the company name on the Store means nothing because Microsoft doesn't verify it. But they do.
  • Not fake Mate : :S
  • Ohhh thanks for the link.. It's original app but it needs to be published like Android app
  • Absolutely agreed...cant wait for denim and vlc is awesome (except the obvious bugs and glitches)
  • I never used VLC and don't understand why its so cool...? I love the default video app
  • May be that's the reason u can't understand why it's so cool :P
  • -_-''
  • I already know keep crashing.. Moli player at its best... Vlc users making me jealous :(
  • Saw an article title on wmpoweruser saying there's a way getting it. I didn't read the article, so if you're interested go check it
  • Link??
  • Worked for you??
  • I'm one of the testers
  • Okay good luck I tested worked for me thanks m not jealous at all now.
  • Moliplayer is great, I'm not jealous of vlc at all.
  • I second that!
  • CC player pro for me anytime :)
  • +625 after the update it works like a charm  
  • I'm vlc tester too and not really it doesn't run smooth compared to moliplayer pro
    Vlc still needs alot of work its just like Xbox music that came with wp8.1 full of bugs and slow I hope they work quicker and release the final version ASAP
  • I feel it is fake no app can be 1 mb. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Developer's name is same as it is on android
  • that means sh*t, it could even be me, registered by that name
  • Better read the article!
  • its like you cant READ or something..
  • I could register as "Taylor Swift" but that doesn't mean I'm Taylor Swift...
  • I install and work okay. And... if the app is WinRT. Yes, can be.
  • Fake or real, I don't care if plays videos!! Lol
  • Its not fake :
  • nope it is not a fake, but an early prototype!
  • MX Player is great on Android, would like to see a version for WP.
  • Motherfakers!
  • lol, see what you did there.
  • Waiting for vlc.. Couldn't join the beta
  • Are u jealous xD
    If u have bought moliplayer don't expect to get more or better.
  • Yes its fake
  • Nope.
  • Fake. Please everyone report it
  • I wouldn't report an app that might be real. The Windows store is mentioned on their website. The support forum linked from the Windows store takes you to J2 Interactive's support forum on XDA Developers. I doubt they'd risk being caught that easily if it was fake. It clearly states that its in beta when you first launch the app so that may explain the crappiness compared to the android version.
  • Fake! fake! fake! fake! fake!
  • working for me 520+
  • i watched this app a week ago.... didn't download coz app feels like fake aap.... publisher is also different from android mx publisher.
  • J2 Interactive, that's the same publisher name as in the Play Store but likely fake, though.
  • works just fine on my 8XT...I was really excited about it.
  • Shit man I thought that Today is my lucky day as MX player is good for android but it is fake.:'(
  • Lol it is fake! If you click on "Publisher Website" it goes to some lame google thing haha...
  • Go to play store. Find the app. Follow the link to their website. Takes you to the same "lame google thing".
  • Hmm...odd, must investigate!!
  • Question: Was there an app in the Windows store before this? The privacy policy on the website mentions the Windows store.
    I kind of think WC dropped the ball on this one.
  • Not to sure...
  • Same website, must be really good faker or the same developer.
  • Cool,And here comes the app 'fake'
  • Fake
  • There's even clean master with same UI of it for WP by tap plex, they didn't even changed the name....
  • What about moliplayer I've already purchased! ?
  • Oh don't worry! The moliplayer developers will definitely give you a refund as this app is far superior. They know when they've been beat.
  • I believe you forgot that "/S" right? :P
  • Common, dont be lame.
  • I'm still waiting for The KMPlayer...
  • Or Potplayer.
  • Or Quick time player or GOM player :P
    keep praying :D
  • Well, GOM has been available for Windows 8.1 ( for a week or so, so it might come to WP soon :)
  • +620
  • Waiting for foobar2000. They got the funding for their Windows RT +Phone release, but they haven't started on it yet. They just recently started testing the iOS app.
  • Woww it feels like Media Player Festive Season is ON on wp store.. All brands entering at Once.. :) Good for US. More the Competition better the Product
  • Tho one is a fake though
  • Just CoC I wanna see that Supercell logo booting up on my Lovable Lumia 1520 and I would not Regret buying my Lumia.I wouldn't regret Dyin.....
  • Why do you regret buying your 1520?
  • Almost everyone here agrees here, that AOE much better.
  • Its fake..!!!!!
  • VLC does not work on WinRT yet, so still looking for an accelerated video player for the Surface 2.
  • Try GOM player - it's free and works very well:
  • It seems to me that people here have a very hard time reading through an entire article.
  • lol, seriously. Or even the headline.
  • You can say that again!
  • Your reluctance to write the article has got better reasons now, Dan!
  • That's why I've stopped commenting on articles now! Sick of those meaningless replies! Duhh!
  • But it plays videos on my phone though...
  • Wow, that proves...what, exactly? How is this app bett