My Movies, keeping track of your movie collection from your Windows Phone

My Movies is a movie collection management app for Windows Phone that allows you to catalog the movie titles you own or have rented.  The app also lets you track movies you have loaned out, list titles you are looking to add to your collection and those titles you are looking to get rid of.

My Movies database has more than 750,000 DVD, Blu-ray and DVD titles that you can build your collection from and if you find a title missing, you can easily request it to be added.

If you need a Windows Phone app to help catalog your DVD collections, My Movies not a bad choice to consider.

When you first launch My Movies, you will need to create an account with My Movies.  This allows you to synchronize your collection with the online servers and allow you to switch devices without losing your data.  My Movies has client apps for iOS and Android devices to give it a little cross-platform feel to it. 

My Movies main pages include a Collection Page that lists all your movie titles.  Titles can be sorted, filtered and searched by the control buttons at the bottom of the page. Persons Page that lists all the actors from your movie titles, Menu Page where you can add or preview a title, scan a barcode, access the app’s settings, and view the online help/support pages

Settings for My Movies cover sync settings, options for viewing your collection, remote settings for Windows Media Center, and the ability to create a PDF report on your collection.  While you cannot share individual titles with friends, My Movies will generate a My Movies website that highlights your collection.  You will need to enable this feature in the app’s settings.

Adding a title is simple.  From the Menu Page just choose Add or Preview Title and a search page will pop up.  A listing of potential titles will be generated and in tapping on a title, you will pull up detailed information on that movie title.  This will include pages detailing the movie which often includes a video trailer, a description page, a cast listing, an audio tracks page listing the languages the movie is offered, and a menu page where you can add the title to your collection, report incorrect information or access the app’s settings.

There is an option to scan the bar code of the movie to add it to your collection.  However, I had no success in scanning titles into my collection.  Titles kept returning as “not in database” but could be found by keyword search.

In adding a title to your collection, you will need to choose a group to add the title.  This is where you can distinguish the titles your own, wish to own, rented, owned and hope to trade/sell, or have ordered.

Once added to your collection you will be able to pull up the same detailed information on the movie title but the Menu Page will change slightly.  Menu options will be added to mark the title as loaned, edit any personal data about the title (ratings, grouping, etc.), mark the title as not watched, and remove the title from your collection.

While My Movies delivers a healthy amount of movie information to your Windows Phone and helps you manage your collection nicely, the user interface felt a little cumbersome at times.  I think it would be more efficient to have the option to add a title to your collection on your Collection Page.

I do like that your collection is backed up and easily synced between devices and the My Movies database is rather extensive.  The barcode entry has potential but whatever is preventing this feature from working needs to be fixed.

There is a trial version available for My Movies that is limited to fifty titles (perfect for the smaller collections).  My Movies is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices with the full version running $5.99.   You can find My Movies here in the Windows Phone Store.

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