When it comes to bargains, we like to think Windows Phone Central does an admirable job of bringing you the latest and greatest. At the very least, you can consider us a filter on what is worth looking at. But even with all of our efforts, we still miss occasional offerings or niche apps that may of interest to you.

Luckily, the developers behind myAppFree have you covered. We brought you news of this app back in March and since then, it has been continuously developed. We also have many new Windows Phone users, and we figured we’d play catch up.


Version just went live in the last 24-hours and with it, comes a bunch of new features that make this app worthy of a download.

For those who aren’t familiar, myAppFree is a deal finder for Windows Phone apps, but it’s actually more than that. The folks behind myAppFree work with developers to feature their app in combination with the timed price drop. That’s in addition to highlighting other discounted apps currently found on the Store. Users can optionally login to the service to get other features too, like no ads, reports on money saved, “points for special gifts” and contests.

It’s a neat little app that costs nothing to use and is another method for software discovery. So what does version bring?

  • NEW "app of the day" Live Tile
  • pin it from myAppFree's application bar
  • bug fix Facebook registration
  • improved standard registration
  • stability improvement
  • higher image quality
  • password reset button

Because of the usefulness of this app, its general availability (Windows Phone 7.x is supported) and the fact it saves you money, we have to highly recommend this app to be added to your repertoire.

Pick up myAppFree here in the Store. All Windows Phones.

via: Windows Phone Central Forums; Thanks, zhoulhas

QR: myAppFree