MyTube Beta updated with 1440p, 4K, and 8K support on Xbox One X

MyTube Beta updated with 1440p, 4K, and 8K support on Xbox One X

Even popular third-party YouTube app myTube is hopping on the Xbox One X bandwagon. The latest update to the beta version of myTube includes support for more resolutions, including 1440p, 4K, and 8K.

Included in myTube version, the new resolution options are very much still in testing. According to the release notes, the options may not work correctly, so you'll want to avoid setting them as the default quality in your app settings.

Along with the new quality options, this update includes a few bug fixes for the PC version of myTube as well. Here's a look at what's new:

  • Wrapped Store Engagement SDK code in try/catch to avoid potential DirectoryNotFound exceptions on Insider devices
  • (PC) Fixed issue that caused theatre mode to no longer be available for beta users.
  • (PC) Fixed issue where the app may get stuck in picture-in-picture mode after a video ends.
  • (Xbox) Enabled 1440p, 4K and 8K for testing on Xbox One X (beta only, do not change your default quality in settings if these resolutions don't work).

MyTube has long been one of the more solid YouTube alternatives on Windows, so added support for higher resolutions on Xbox One X is good to see. This follows the official launch of myTube on Xbox earlier in 2017, along with a new design inspired by Microsoft's own Fluent Design System.

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  • 8k? Xbox one x supports 8k?
  • My thoughts exactly. WTH?
  • One of the best bought apps in Microsoft Store!
  • Uhm... It's basically free isn't it?
  • The best!
  • Even the native app doesn't do 4k.
  • Not on Xbox One, not sure why they are avoiding updating it. My Smart TV has had 4K in the YouTube app for ages so I just use that - You can also cast to the Smart TV from YouTube making it quicker and easier to use than a controller based app on Xbox
  • By the time 4k becomes fully mainstream it will be obsolete!
  • I an sure it works great, but it just looks so terrible like they never bothered finishing the UI. Solid bright blue rectangles with white writing on a solid black background. Looks amateurish and totally unfinished. I am sure it isn't an issue with this app in particular, but the old Metro design language in general. It can be done good, but most of these apps look terrible. I assume it is an issue with the platform and the tools available.
  • Dunno if the Xbox version is the same as mobile but: Account > Settings > Theme > Use Blur Effects ✅
  • Looks good to me. Compared to Youtube app on Android and iOS, this beats those by miles. Not to mention the features.
  • It doesn't look or work as good as the website or Android app. The appearance is normal for UWP though. They really need to get fluent design out there. It does have YouTube Red features, but that could disappear tomorrow. I am surprised Google hasn't killed it yet.
  • I really quite like the YouTube app on Android - I actually am fine with the mobile site too. The Android app is pretty much that but with the ability to easily cast to my Smart TV or a Chromecast etc. I have tried Hyper and MyTube on PC in the past and often prefer to just use the website on PC TBH - Although I need to use Chrome for 4K video content, as it doesn't seem to be enabled in Edge for me
  • You can change the ui... If you bothered to use it
  • I tried using it, but found no reason for it on my PC. The website works great and doesn't look like it should be on a monochrome monitor from the '80s. It is hard to use these terrible looking apps after the great ones on Android.
  • I still use this app daily on my phone.  It's a great app and supported extremely well!  Happy to see the Xbox version chugging along.
  • This is one of the Best if not the best You Tube apps I've used, I haven't needed to download a similar app since I got this one and the Dev is updating this app constantly, making it better, listening to their customers and welcoming feedback, this is how apps should be made and supported!!! Big Thanks to him for not giving up on us!!!! And 8K WTH, if that wasn't a clue that the X does 8K I don't know what is, shame can't test on anything, I only have 4K and I don't work at CES!! 😛
  • Very like this app. Good news
  • Subway surfers just got updated to on Windows store. Someone is still supporting our platform, guys!
  • Has it fixed it on HP Elite X3? I was talking to somebody about it and they were having that issue on their X3 but not their 950
  • The dev has supported his app for many years, this is one of the best alternatives to YouTube and allows you to download directly in the app at any resolution you like, looking forward to the new updates to support 4k.
  • I love mytube. I use it on PC and Xbox.
  • I'm struggling to find much of a use for Apps on my Xbox - Things for me are quicker and easier using what is built into my smart TV, including just using the YouTube app or Website to "Cast" to the TV. Netflix is also just easier to use with the remote, although now I'm on the One X instead of the original (Which is MUCH smoother in the dash) I may go back to trying it through Xbox One X - The main reason the TV app has been better was just how slow the Xbox One has been previously at navigating apps etc. Controller based interface isn't the quickest, but I sure do love my Xbox One X for games.
  • Unable to sign in using the app on xbox.
  • best app....
  • I guess this app alone could keep WM10 alive for whenever.
  • 8K. 8K TVs don't even exist yet!
  • One thing that kinds of bugs me is that it keeps popping up the Donate screen when it starts up. I have donated to it before but it seems it does not tracked who have already donated. I like Client for YouTube better in other aspects, such as downloading. In MyTube, some downloaded videos have to be played on YouTube. That is not much of a download, isn't it? It's more like a link. However, Client for YouTube is no longer available on the App Store for some reason. Is it because they now restricted its availability by region? I am in the US.
  • Have anyone tried to edit your comment right after you have posted? It brings up a bunch xml like text that would be impossible for most users to decipher and edit. I am using the browser to Windows Central.
  • It all sounds nice to be able to play in 4K or 8K. But it needs to fix some fundamental issues such as being able to play in full HD for example. I have videos I uploaded to my account in full HD. But when I play them in MyTube beta, the only available quality is low, like 240p or 360p. I have no issues with other players or via the browsers playing at higher quality.