The popular third party YouTube app myTube! has scored a big update on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, adding the ability for its users to directly upload videos to their YouTube account for the first time.

The 2.4 update also lets users share those uploaded videos to the myTube! app, and it adds a way to delete videos from a YouTube account as well. In addition, the app lets users like or dislike YouTube video comments for the first time. The myTube! app lets users search within a YouTube's channel's videos, and there's an option to pick if the app shows a video's details, comments or suggested videos after the clip has finished playing. Users can select multiple videos in a list in the app as well to perform actions.

Of course, the myTube! app update has a number of bug fixes as well. All in all, this is a big update for the app just for the video upload feature alone.

Thanks to Fahmi for the tip!

QR: MyTube