Navigations Shortcuts for Windows Phone 8, helping you stay the course

Navigation Shortcuts is a nifty app for your Windows Phone 8 device that lets you create...well...navigation shortcuts.  The shortcuts will launch whatever navigation app is installed on your Windows Phone and create turn by turn directions to get you to where you need to go.

You can pin shortcut  tiles for your destination to your Start Screen, launch navigation shortcuts with voice commands or tap on a destination within the app to launch directions.

While there's not much to Navigational Shortcuts, it's a handy app to have by giving you quick access to your navigational needs.

Navigation Shortcuts' main pages include a "History Page" that shows your shortcuts, a "New Page" that lists your most recently created shortcuts, a page listing of other apps from the developer and a "Menu Page".

From the Menu Page you can create a new destination and access Navigation Shortcuts settings. Settings include turning on/off your location services and backing up your shortcuts on Skydrive.

Adding a destination is done by a map search or manually entering the longitude and latitude of the destination. In using the map search you can scroll around the map, search it by keyword or tap the "me" button and use your current location. Tapping the map destination automatically fills the long/lat fields on the new destination page.

Once you have the destination fields complete, you can add a custom photo for the shortcuts thumbnail and a custom icon. From there all you have to do is tap "Save Location" and you're done.

Once created, the navigation shortcut will appear on your History and New pages. Just tap on the thumbnail to launch your navigation app and have turn by turn directions generated. Navigation Shortcuts will work with any navigation app that uses the Microsoft drive-to app launching standard. On the Nokia Lumia 920, the app launches Nokia Drive and on the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, Verizon's Navigator is used.

Tapping and holding on the thumbnail pulls up a menu that will let you pin the shortcut to your Start Screen, edit the destination, delete the shortcut or initiate navigation.

Navigation Shortcuts also supports voice commands. Just hold the Home button and say, "Navigate" and your destinations name. Your navigation app will launch with directions listed for that particular destination.

Navigation Shortcuts is a nice, somewhat simple, Windows Phone 8 app to create quick and easily accessible navigation shortcuts. When traveling you can create a shortcut to your hotel, where you parked your car, or simply create one for your home address for easy access.

There is a trial version available for Navigation Shortcuts and the full version is currently running $1.29. You can find Navigation Shortcuts here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: Navigation Shortcuts

George Ponder

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  • not a good price tag
  • There's actually no difference between the trial and paid app, it's more like a donateware app. if you like it, you can buy it
  • Why the need? I use Navigon and it already lets you pin your destinations. Nokia Drive also has the pin to start option.
  • I created this app for my own use a day after getting the Lumia 920, the problem with pinned destinations from Nokia Drive is that they all look the same when you use the small tile size. After adding voice commands, I rarley use the pinned tiles anymore.
  • george I have been reading wpcentral for a long time but i just recently make an account, can't i ask how can i post something on the forum, thx.
  • Nice app, I use it everyday to work and then to home. I am one who likes to use my Nokia drive on every drive I take. So its very functional for my needs. To get in my car and say, " Phone Command, Navigate to Work" is awesome!!
  • You forget where you work every day?
  • Lol
  • At home too. "Phone Command, Navigate to bathroom."
  • Lol- Nah homie....I just like to use what I pay for!
  • @ AN_1: Go to the forum you want to contribute to and click the [Post New Thread] button towards the top left of the page.
  • I think this is pretty awesome just for the voice commands alone. I haven't been able to find a way to get Navigon to do that or Nokia Drive. Is there any way to get this to launch Navigon instead of Nokia Drive? I still prefer Navigon due to the TTS.