Netflix 4.0 for Windows Phone gets Cortana integration, new user experience and more!

Netflix is arguably one of the most popular video-streaming services today, so not having an update for the Windows Phone Netflix app since January has been a bit painful.

Luckily, today that pain ends as version 4.0 has hit the Store, and it chock full of features, fixes, and improvements.

Netflix for Windows Phone v4.0.0.13

  • New User experience
  • Profile selection
  • Post-play
  • Better video quality
  • Application tile
  • Content pinning
  • Cortana search

Yes, it looks like Netflix has added everything users have been waiting for, including user Profile selection. There is also the new UI, a new application tile, and even Cortana.

Speaking of Cortana, you can directly ask the search assistant such things as:

  • "Netflix find House of Cards"
  • "Netflix look for Bill Burr"
  • "Netflix look up Attack on Titan"

Interestingly, the app is still for all versions of Windows Phone, including 7.x. A longtime in the making, it is great see this app get such a massive refresh before 2014 ended. Go grab it now and let us know in comments what you think.

Thanks, Victor V., for the tip!

QR: netflix

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Yess! I've been wanting profile support for so long! Glad to see it is finally here. The rest of the app looks swanky too.
  • Totally awesome. I mostly only watch Netflix on Xbox one but this will make it easier to add stuff to my list.
  • They really messed up Xbox One version. The original XB1 version was the best because they integrated all the Kinect features. Now it is trash. Just google it, you will see all the complaints. But this is a welcome change. Go Windows Phone!!!
  • This one's pretty bad, too.  The old interface was a lot nicer.  But profile support was needed.  This one doesn't even work in landscape, which should, of course, be the defualt orientation for any video program.
  • Yep. The original Netflix app on Xbox One was awesome. Then they nerfed it to be in line with the inferior version on PS4 and Smart TVs, removing voice functionality, removing gesture navigation, removing snap mode, and removing SmartGlass search. People were in uproar over it and endlessly complained on Twitter in September, but Netflix ignored everyone, dug their heals in and (correctly) assumed everyone would just get tired eventually and tolerate it. Not me. I cancelled my Netflix and am using Xbox Video, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, and Crackle instead, all of which have full Kinect integration.
  • Sony paid money to nerd the Xbox One version?
  • Couldn't agree more. Even Amazon Instant Video has amazing voice support because you can say the name of the movie as opposed to 'select 1', 'select 2' etc
  • I couldn't agree more, I basically didn't use Netflix on my Windows Phone due to lack of profile support. Glad to see it is finally here!
  • I know I didn't, I wasn't about to have to deal with all the shows my sister watches showing up on my recommended list.
  • Hey Sam. Is Cortana acting normally for you?
    If I ask her to "find house of cards" she'll do it no problem. But if I ask her to simply "open Netflix" or "start Netflix" she'll reply "what app would you like me to open?" And keeps doing this unless I search for something specific.
  • Does the app need to be pinned to the start screen so Cortana will "open/start Netflix"......
  • Looks like it yeah, cheers mate.
  • there's a new Live Tile too :)
  • There is a problem with the new update on HTC one m8. Every video I try to play it says there's something wrong with my audio driver and that Microsoft provides a fix on their website. Huh? I'VE TRIED 20 VIDEOS
  • I've been having difficulty installing the app on my M8.
  • Happy to report that after restarting my m8, everything is working perfectly. Are your still having trouble with your m8?
  • Thanks for this tip! I restated yesterday when I first noticed the problem and then I reported it to Netflix. I restarted today and it works again! BTW the HTC M8 for Windows is AWESOME!
  • Very happy to see such a big name update their app. They at least put the hamburger at the bottom.... Thank the lord
  • Lord Netflix?
  • Hoping that instagram is preparing for a big update like this
  • I'm not holding my breath but i hope so as well.
  • Ahhhhhhhh. Wooooooooo! This makes me so very happy! I've been so frustrated with Netflix, the app I use the most! Seriously, if anyone from the Netflix team reads this, I love you so very much! It's so beautiful.
  • I literally, literally just got off the phone with them yesterday about this and they told me that the app updates were controlled by the device manufacturer so they gave me the number to Nokia
  • Profile selection, finally! All other new features are welcome too. I wonder how this version does compared with features on iOS and Android versions of Netflix.
  • You will be still comparing till eternity.wp will always be behind compared to even android let alone iOS Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Pointless comment and not necessarily true.
  • He does this all the time. How else can he validate his preferences besides wasting hours every day going to a Windows website to troll?
  • How is it not true?   It's sad.  But it's true.
  • prasath, get the hell away from here. nobody wants to read your childish downplaying of WP. I'm happy with my phone, period. there's no fucking point in your comments, hopefully Dan or someone bans you..
  • See the arrow next to the windows central logo, I would suggest you click it and click the top option seeing as you seem to love Android.
  • Loving the new UI too. Huge improvement from the previous version. Props to Netflix for such a big update.
  • Seems like a scaled down Windows RT version, not that it's a bad thing though.
  • Cortana support is amazing. Great job!
  • Congrats to the Netflix guys! A very nice update! :)
  • December is the best month for Windows Phone since the release of 8.1, now we only need Denim :D
  • Finally
  • New PFD update!
  • wtf really? which phone do you have & what did the update bring?
  • I'm charging my phone I have to wait. Lumia 520.
    Edit.: Nothing new, just bug fixes I think.
  • "Netflix, those are Daniel's favorite shows, aren't they?"
  • Seems Christmas came early for Netflix users on Windows Phone. ;)
  • Curious to know if this is a Universal App, and they had to rewrite it, so that's why it took so long.
  • It is an universal app :) It has the logo next to 'installed'. MS's Universal app strategy is playing off, I see :)
  • Yeah, but that logo just means "buy once, install anywhere", which doesn't necessarily mean anything of the code.
  • Which means it means absolutely nothing if the app is free!
  • You can only get that icon by building a Universal app that targets both Windows 8.1 and WP8.1.
  • @sasukeluffy Not necessarily. Universal app means it shares the same code. Since this is not a 8.1-only app, it is not in the same vein as a true universal app. That logo just means the app is available on WP and Win, not that it is universal.
  • I would imagine Microsoft will add another logo for universal apps in Windows 10.
  • Is universal. Click on the link of the app, and download it. Is an .appx app.
  • The fact that it's an appx file makes no difference, WP only apps are appx as well.
  • No. Silverlight apps are .xap (WP 8.0 and 8.1) WinRT apps are .appx (WP 8.1, Windows) I doubt that they will would make a single version of the app in WinRT and not reuse the existing version of Windows.
  • #BoutTimeMyFriends!!! I must tell the work, oh wait... Windows Central already did
  • Can it download the movies to watch offline?
  • Nope, though no Netflix app supports this. Amazon Prime on Fire devices supports this for Prime videos, one of their differeintiators
  • Great. Their UK TiVo app has had a few recent updates too and the ability to continue watching on different devices is sweet!
  • Updates! Updates everywhere!
  • I see what you did there :)
  • It is Universal!
  • YES!
  • I'm getting video system config errors trying to playback in the UK. Reference to ensuring Windows 8 being up to date in the error message and pretty sure the phone number given isn't a uk one.
  • Same, I'm on an unlocked 1520 with cyan and dev prev.. Says its most likely an audio driver issue, then links to a windows 8 tool
  • Same here, but I'm in the US. Had a similar issue with the old app. I get error Q8156-887A0004. A driver issue. This is obviously a port from the Win8 app so the error probably isn't correct. The previous version of the app didn't work on my Lumia 830 because of the SD card "external device" that I am using.
  • Same here too
  • Same here on Nokia 1520 in the U.S. On AT&T using Developer Preview. All movies report error having to do with DRM audio/video problem... Too bad I can't update any of those drivers on my phone.... Looks like the Netflix app is dead for me...
  • "Netflix, Look up Attack on Titan Season 2"
  • Yes please
  • Yay!
  • Knock Knock! Denim where are you?
  • Ok, what gives?  I have an Icon running WP8.  I can't see this update in the store on my phone and when I log into the store on my laptop, I can't see see it when I'm logged into my MS account but if I'm not it's there.  I don't see anyone else with this issue, so what gives???
  • The update can take a little while to make its way to all devices, have you tried the direct link in the article?
  • Yes, I did.  Still the same results. Someone in the forums said they got it and they were running the DP.  If this was 8.1 only I could understand, but it's supposedly even for 7.5 so I don't get what's going on.
  • It's been a long time coming, long time, but I know change gon come!
  • Netflix upgrades the Windows Phone app, but downgrades the Xbox One app. WTF!!!
  • The Xbox One app has improved from the initial update. The goal was to implement their unified UI, and when they first did it it removed a lot of features. Many of them have returned since
  • No, the original app was much better. The "new" version sucks. We lost gesture controls, voice controls have been nerfed, snap mode is gone, as is Smartglass search support, and the UI is now atrocious.
  • your move amazon. your move.
  • I wish there were something for chromecast users
  • Settle down Beavis
  • Oh man this day is awesome! All the great updates and annoucements are posted at the moment :)
  • Netflix needs to update the WiiU app.
    * flies away *
  • What's wrong with the Wii U app?
  • No profiles
  • Wii U always had profiles, the only update thats missing is when it automatically plays the next episode, this the only feature that was missing from the Wii U.......remember Wii U and Wii are two different things, I do not have a Wii, so maybe that one do not have profiles
  • Huh? I've never seen that. Either kids, or regular Netflix. No names... Goes straight to my list.
  • Weird, the Wii app does support profiles.
  • I need to update my Wii console to a Wii U... Btw. I was actually starting to watch an episode of ONCE on my Lumia's Netflix app for the first time in forever (frozen reference). First time using the app to actually watch anything really, and an update to glance asked me to restart. Did it, then checked the updated apps and Netflix was there. Is this just real life or is this just Fanta sea? And with profiles! No more religious and lame movies from my mom and no more lame Disney channel series (some i do like... opps) from my little cousin. Yey. Now that's Destiny.
  • Instagram & Twitter We're Looking At You :)
  • Can't wait for instagram to update
  • Well Tweetium updated there app yesterday.
  • Love this new Netflix on the phone .
  • Freaking finally!
  • Has anyone actually been able to play anything with the Developer Preview installed? I have an 830 with the DP installed and I keep getting this error: Works fine on my non-DP enabled 635.  I've tried: Restart
    Battery Pull
    Reinstalling the app
    Using WiFi and Cellular
  • DP L925 here in the UK and it's playing fine.
  • I get the exact same error on my lumia 830 with DP.. When I first got my 830 in november ,I had the same eror... not same number but same effect... I fixed that by uninstalling and setting my default app downloads and downloads to Phone... that worked... this time, nothing fixes it..
  • I get error Q8156-887A0004. Most likely due to the same issue with the old app, it won't play if you're using an SD card. I don't want to remove my SD card though as the placement of the slot on the 830 makes it damn near impossible. Also, I'm not using DP on this device.
  • I have nothing being stored on an SD card, so I'm not sure if that's the problem. Also removed my SD card entire, soft reset, reinstalled and still doesnt work.
  • Not sure if this helps clarify anything, but I'm running on an HTC One M8 and using the SD card to store apps.  It plays fine.
  • I have no problems with Mine and on DP. 1520.3 OS version 8.10.14219.314
  • SO far 830 users and 735 users are having problems. Seems to be independent of DP:
  • 1520 here with DP: Error code Q8156-8000FFFF
    EDIT: Tried a soft reset and realized, my time and date were set totally wrong. Don't know why, but after correcting it, app works fine
  • I'm having the same problem too on my Lumia 830 which does not have the Developer Preview installed. Can't play anything and rebooting didn't help. Also do not have an SD card installed. References to Windows 8 is certainly weird.
  • I am in Brazil and I am also having problems with netflix on my L830 without DP. If you can fix, please help me. Netflix and Microsoft support here in Brazil are very bad.
  • Not working for me on Nokia 1520 with DP. References to Windows in the error is most likely due to it being a universal app.... Would be my guess anyway.
  • THANKU NETFLIX! I can finally watch Family Guy without having to go to the menu to select the next episode! Now bring 1080p support!!!
  • This is fantastic,the interface is nice looking as well as easy to navigate and Cortana integration as well, fantastic. Keep it up Netflix you are setting high standards for other film apps. Sky can't even get Sky Go onto windows phone.
  • Finally! It's christmas
  • F'in Awesome!
  • FINALLY!!! Been looking forward to this!
  • Seems Better!
  • Does this stream in HD? I just wanna know.
  • I believe it streams in 720P but not FullHD
  • Pfft... Full HD, I want 4K streaming ;-P
  • That's a bummer for anyone with a 930/1520, but I'm glad for that with my Lumia 920.
  • Not available in Greece... What a disappointment.
  • Damn it! I'm gettin the error Q8156-8000FFFF every time I try to play something. Says its an audio driver problem. L1520 DP.
  • Same error L1520 dp too...
  • I'm getting an error message about audio driver and to download fix from Microsoft,, what is this about.... NL1520
  • Same here. 1520 on at&t.
  • I solved my problem restarting my phone holding the Power Button + Volume Down. I have a carrier free Lumia 1520.
  • Just did a soft reset, and it's working now... 1520 AT&T
  • :D finally! I'll be able to select my user.
  • It's.  About.  Time.  YESSSSSSSS!
  • Loving all the app updates lately for us!!!
  • Finally!
  • So glad this has gotten an update! Whoo-hoo
  • Awesome! Just in time for Christmas.
  • Next IMDb it's your turn!
  • locks up on login. Worthelss
  • Sweet baby Jesus profile support!
  • Just tried out Netflix for the 1st time on my Surface 2 and I guess that version is broken? Installed the app and it just sits there spinning on the loading screen. Can anyone confirm if Netflix works on Windows 8.1/RT??
  • It works for me on my Surface 2. I use it daily
  • Had worked before for me, but I just gave it another go on my recently purchased Surface 2 and watching The Avengers now with no issues. Of course I can't download this new WP update for some unknown reason, so there's no clear victory for me here either ...
  • Works for me on my 1st Gen Surface, try rebooting and if that doesn't work then try reinstalling.
  • Thanks. Well this sucks! I tried both a reboot and reinstall and it just stays on the Netflix start up screen with a spinning circle. 1st app I've had an issue with on my new Surface 2. Boo!!