Netgear's new Arlo Ultra security camera will monitor your home in 4K

Netgear has announced the Arlo Ultra, a 4K HDR wireless security camera that looks to be a serious upgrade over the Arlo Pro 2. The biggest upgrade is in the resolution. This is Netgear's first Arlo security camera to have 4K resolution and HDR image processing. Netgear believes users will be able to use the resolution to pick up on critical details they may have otherwise missed, like license plate numbers or clothing, when identifying suspicious activity.

The camera will also come with a 180-degree field of view, automatic zoom and tracking, dual microphones, and more. The Ultra finally has a spotlight integrated into it. Previously, you had to buy the Arlo Smart Home Security Light and sync it with your system. Other features include color night vision and custom activity zones you can set yourself. The two-way audio includes advanced noise cancellation to minimize background noise and allow clear, natural conversations from both sides of the camera.

Use the security camera inside or out. The new magnetic mounts allow you to attach the cameras anywhere you want, including walls, ceilings, or gutters. They come with weather-resistant charging cables so you can keep the batteries charged even outdoors.

You'll also get a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier. This is a service that Arlo has continued to upgrade over time, so what you'll end up with is the best possible iteration of it. One year would cost $119.88 usually. With the subscription, you'll get access to features that naturally make your camera better, including computer vision technology that tells you exactly what triggered your cameras, direct contact to emergency services, custom alerts, Person Detection, Cloud Activity Zones, and more.

The Ultra will connect to the new Arlo SmartHub. This base station connects to your router, provides extended Wi-Fi range for Arlo cameras, and allows you to manage the camera's data traffic. The SmartHub can control multiple Arlo cameras, and it has a microSD card slot for local storage. You'll probably want a couple of large microSD cards to use with the hub so you don't have to keep absolutely everything in the cloud.

The Arlo Ultra will debut at $399.99 for the one-camera system that includes the new SmartHub. That does include the $120 value of Arlo Smart Premier, too, so it's not a bad price. Still, you could get started with two Arlo Pro 2 cameras at that price or go less expensive with the one-camera Arlo Pro. The Ultra should be available for pre-order sometime today on the Arlo site and available everywhere else in 2019.

John Levite
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