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While the vast majority of changes to Windows Phone 8.1 have been a welcome gust of fresh air to our phones, there are some things that take getting used to. The fact that Cortana doesn’t have Bing Vision may be chalked up to it being in ‘beta’, although we hope Microsoft at some point brings the feature back to search. The Bing service is used by many people on this site for scanning our app QR codes at the end of articles, so not having it readily available is a turnoff.

We’ve already touched upon how to get QR and barcode scanning back easily in 8.1, and as it turns out, Bing Vision is still there but under the Camera Lenses. It works, but it’s a multi-step process to get to it.

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Now, DreamTeam Mobile has released a free, shortcut app that streamlines things a bit. Called ‘QR for Cortana’, the app only creates a Start Tile that hops directly to Camera Lenses. From there, you can quickly choose Bing Vision and start scanning away. It’s a bit of a kludge, but it works. Plus, it’s free for those of you who really prefer Bing Vision.

Bonus: Tell Cortana “Cortana, open QR” to voice-launch the app.

Pick up QR for Cortana here in the Store. Windows 8.0 and 8.1 supported.

Source: DreamTeam Blog

QR: QR for Cortana