New ASUS VivoBook Flip convertible makes appearance ahead of launch

Alongside the new ZenBook Flip UX370, which we recently saw pass through the FCC, it looks like ASUS is gearing up to launch another convertible "Flip" notebook: the VivoBook Flip TP401. In an image included in a presentation from ASUS' latest financial results (via Notebook Italia), the new VivoBook Flip makes an appearance alongside its ZenBook sibling with the tagline "empowering luxury for everyone."

Judging by the image, it looks like the ZenBook Flip UX370 — pegged as the "ultimate luxury" — will occupy the top of the range, while the VivoBook will sit somewhere below. There's not much else to glean, other than that the VivoBook Flip TP401 will come in at 15mm thick, which compares to 12mm for the ZenBook Flip. The overall designs look fairly similar, with the VivoBook able to flip its hinge 360 degrees to go from laptop to tent or tablet mode on the fly.

It's likely we'll see the VivoBook Flip TP401 arrive with Intel's latest 7th-generation Kaby Lake processors, and Notebook Italia speculates it will pack a 14-inch display with up to 512GB of SSD storage, up to 16GB of RAM, and optional dedicated NVIDIA graphics. Take any talk of specs with the requisite grain of salt until we get a full reveal, however.

In any case, it's likely we may see both notebooks launched at Computex 2017, which runs from May 30 through June 3, alongside more prominent gaming announcements from ASUS.

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  • As someone who's still trying to find a quality 2-in-1, these have my interest. However, after using the ASUS Q324UA ($1,200 at the time from Best Buy), I'm a bit concerned. The Q324UA had horrible screen bleed, one of the worst keyboards I've ever used on a laptop, a misaligned bottom plate, very weak Wi-Fi and a bad Precision trackpad. The fan was also on a lot, even when doing basic tasks. Come on, Surface Pro 5. All I want is Kaby Lake and USB-C.
  • So you returned it right? I'm assuming you had bought it ....
  • Oh of course. That thing was frustrating.
  • i use ASUS products since 2005... i had everything from them from motherboard, GPU, mobile phones, tablets and even laptops and never had any problems with them :))
  • Our quality standards must be different.
  • Or, you were just unlucky. I've seen some that were bad and some that were very good. It kinda goes with the era and the model too. Asus probably has many different companies build their stuff and not all will have the same quality control standards.
  • Probably. The worst for me has been HP. I went through five Spectre x360's (four from different Best Buys, one from All had various trackpad, USB-C, battery, coil whine and keyboard issues. Best looking 2-in-1 out there that's plagued with problems (for me at least). If only Apple made a touchscreen MacBook. IMO, MacBooks are the best Windows 10 laptops around. Sounds like a very fanboy thing to say, but of the several PC laptops I've tried over the past 6 months, my 2015 retina MacBook Pro does the Windows 10 experience much better -- including both the software and hardware.