Microsoft's ExpertZone gets major site redesign, reward points never expire for retail pros

Microsoft's ExpertZone has just received a huge refresh. ExpertZone is where Microsoft connects with the thousands of retail professionals who sell Windows Phone, Windows, Xbox, Office and all other Microsoft products. It's on this site where retail pros can join a community of like-minded individuals to learn about all things Microsoft and earn rewards for doing so.

One of the biggest changes to ExpertZone is the site redesign. This is a complete redesign from the ground up using responsive code. The move to responsive code ensures that the site looks good on any device and in any modern browser, meaning it works on phone, tablet or PC.

Community features have also been overhauled allowing those in retail to connect with one another. Some community features you can look forward to include forums, event section and more.

Rewards are by far one of the coolest perks for joining ExpertZone. The reward system has also been improved. You can now earn points by just watching, reading or viewing content on the ExpertZone site. This is a change from the past where points were rewarded when completing accreditation or completing a course. Points also no longer expire, now they last forever. The reward store will also have some killer prizes across all Microsoft product lines. Look forward to earning PC accessories, Xbox One games, Xbox One hardware and more.

If you work in retail and sell Microsoft products, you need to join ExpertZone. It's a great way to connect to folks with similar interest, plus you can earn some great rewards. Check out the new ExpertZone to see all the improvements yourself.

Source: ExpertZone

Sam Sabri