New Fallout 76 trailer details 'Perk Cards' with hilarious mutant marsupials

Today, Bethesda shared more details about Fallout 76's "Perks" system. While veterans of the series might recognize them from Fallout 4, they're a little different in a multiplayer setting. For example, now you can equip cards which give you certain abilities. This is a flexible approach to skill allocation tailored for emergent gameplay.

As expected, the publisher released a hilarious "vintage" video detailing Perks and how they affect gameplay. While the video features a lot of exaggeration, normal players will mostly come across "Perk Cards" that give them better target acquisition or healing abilities. It's unclear if you can actually turn into a marsupial and hop around while using a deadly shotgun.

For more details about the currently-known Perk Cards, check out our list. Learning more about how they work and what advantages they provide should give you an edge when the game launches on November 14, 2018, starting at $59.99 on Xbox One and other platforms.

Even though Fallout 76 is entirely online, it isn't a massively multiplayer online game. At any given time you'll be playing with dozens of people, not thousands. It's similar to titles like Anthem and Destiny 2. However, if you don't like playing with other gamers, you can also experience the title on your own. However, it's much easier if you have help, especially when it comes to gathering resources and building.

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Asher Madan

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